iyzi Pecco Integration

iyzi PECCO Integration enables 231 million active cards in Iran to make payment in your website.

Some important facts about Iran and our solution are:

* Iran has a population of 80 million and debit card penetration of 92%.

* The yearly growth in total number of transactions compared to 2014 is 25%.

* Iran has 231 million active debit cards. It is the key source for every day to day transactions. This card scheme is called Shetab.

* PECCO is an online payment system company which performs in local market via Shetab card in Iran.

* As the credit cards are absent for the time being, Shetab is the only payment card for Iranian citizens. And it is not integrated with the international systems.

* Now as a first mover in Iran since the uplifting of sanctions, iyzico is enabling multinational companies to integrate into the Shetab Card System of Iran.

* We offer 58 million credit cards and 112 million debit cards of Turkey and 231 milion debit cards of Iran. In total, with iyzico integration, international merchants can access to 400 million cards in these two emerging economies.

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