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Why choose iyzico?

We offer a privileged world of payment with result-oriented approach, continuous support and products such as Virtual POS, Marketplace, and iyzilink.

Easy Integration

Integration is completed in 24 hours. Start receiving payments without getting off your chair.

Secure Payment

Your payments are processed through a secure infrastructure with PCI-DSS level 1.

Quick Support

Get quick support from a team who speaks your language :)

Our Products

You can start to accept online payments with our products specially developed to meet your objectives and needs.

Sell to All Credit Cards Online

Start receiving payments with one integration within 24 hours via virtual POS solution

Start Accepting Payments Now

Payment Infrastructure for Online Marketplaces

Manage money transfers between
sub-merchant accounts

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Receive Online Payment From Anywhere

Share wherever you desire the product links that you can create easily and receive payment securely.

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Quick and Easy Integration


If you have a ready-to-use e-commerce infrastructure, you can apply and start making sales and receiving payments before the end of the day thanks to our ready integration.

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Open Source

You can start receiving payments with our free and up-to-date modules if you have an e-commerce infrastructure developed with open source code such as OpenCart or WooCommerce.

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If you have an e-commerce platform that you have developed yourself and are using the page you have developed as payment form, you can start receiving payments immediately with iyzico API integration.

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Our pricing is flexible depending on the volume of your business, and we don’t take any fixed fees.

If your business is new to online sales:

%3,69 + 0,25 TL

(BSMV Included)
Commission per executed transaction.
No installation fees! No annual fees!


If you want to receive a special offer based on your business volume:

If you wish to receive a special offer based on your business volume:
You can evaluate ourspecial offers if you have a monthly volume of over 20.000 Turkish Lira.

Utku Subakan

Utku Subakan

Utku Subakan
Tayga Baltacıoğlu

Tayga Baltacıoğlu

Tayga Baltacıoğlu
Kudret Elçiboğa

Kudret Elçiboğa

Kudret Elçiboğa
Onur Yıldırım

Onur Yıldırım

Onur Yıldırım
Kemal Erol

Kemal Erol

Kemal Erol