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The Easiest Way to Receive Payments onSocial Media

Leave aside old school, non-secure payment methods like wire transfer or cash on delivery. Just create a payment link and share it instantly with your customers on any social media platform, and start receiving money without any integration or e-commerce site. Getting paid has never been easier.

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Melis Ekin | Pinkylola Design Melis Ekin | Pinkylola Design

We manufacture our products carefully and thanks to iyzico’s easy and secure system, we can reach the whole world.

Özlem Erarslan | Ravla Gurme

Burçin Demir | Art’n Smile Burçin Demir | Art’n Smile

My customers can pay however they like- in installment or single payment- I don’t have to deal with anything. This really simplifies our workflow

Burçin Demir | Art’n Smile

Melis Ekin | Pinkylola Design Melis Ekin | Pinkylola Design

Receiving our payment via a single link without any integration has not only made us more accessible but also contributed to our sales significantly.

Melis Ekin | Pinkylola Design

How Does It Work?

  • 1Create your iyzico Business account.
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Ödeme Alma Linki Oluştur
  • 2Upload your item by entering its picture, price and other information and generate the link.
  • 3Then share it with anyone who would like to buy your product.
  • The easiest and simplest way of getting paid when selling products on social media. Plus, it’s totally secure!
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Who is iyzico?

iyzico is a fintech company with PCI-DSS and Turkish Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency license, providing secure payment solutions to online companies and personal sellers of different sizes. Its technology creates value added solutions for both sellers and buyers. iyzico is simple, seamless and secure.