Increase Your Customer Loyalty withiyzico Buyer Protection

We know that customer loyalty is your most important success measure. With iyzico Buyer Protection you can provide 24/7 live support and order tracking to your customers. You don’t need to move a finger because we got your back, and all this is for free!

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iyzico Buyer Protection

Üye iş yerleri, iyzico Korumalı Alışveriş avantajlarıyla müşterilerini %8 artırdı.

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24/7 Live Chat Support

A dedicated live chat service only for your customers is available with iyzico Buyer Protection. Now you can leave all customer questions on orders to us!


Customer Satisfaction

For purchases done with iyzico Buyer Protection customer satisfaction has scored 92%. Register now for happier customers with iyzico’s Buyer Protection.

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"iyzico Buyer Protection" Provider

More than 17,000 online businesses are listed as iyzico Buyer Protection providers. Now is the right time to become a member of this privileged community.

Tuğba Tan Yüccel | Bikutukalem Tuğba Tan Yüccel | Bikutukalem

Real-time order tracking and 24/7 live chat of iyzico’s Buyer Protection have strengthened our communication with our customers and made our brand more visible.

Tuğba Tan Yücel | Bikutukalem

Fatma Nur Olcay | SevgiliBebek Fatma Nur Olcay | SevgiliBebek

When our customers see iyzico Buyer Protection on our website they feel more secure. This has a positive impact to our sales.

Fatma Nur Olcay | Sevgilibebek

Abdülhamit Gürakar | Muhiku Abdülhamit Gürakar | Muhiku

With iyzico Buyer Protection’s card storage feature, our customers can complete their payment in seconds. iyzico’s trustworthy image is our biggest advantage in building a reliable brand name.

Abdülhamit Gürakar | Muhiku

İsmail Karali | Socksacademy İsmail Karali | Socksacademy

We significantly reduced our operational cost with iyzico’s constant support. And by being listed under iyzico Buyer Protection Providing Web Sites, we are very happy to widen our customer reach.

İsmail Karali | Socksacademy