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Yapay Zeka Tabanlı iyzico Teknolojileri

Üye iş yerlerimiz, yapay zeka tabanlı iyzico teknolojileriyle bir ödeme çözümünden çok daha fazlasına sahip oluyor ve kazancını artırıyor.

  • Fraud Protection System
    We protect our merchants 24/7 against any fraudulent activity by our in-house AI based fraud protection system, Frauctive, that makes decisions based on data rather than rule-based approach. This way our fraud system decreases your chargeback rates and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Smart Payment Routing Service
    iyzico Smart Payment Routing Service helps our merchants to earn more money by converting the unsuccessful payments to successful ones by redirecting the payment request to another bank’s POS as fast as milliseconds. Become an iyzico merchant and start using iyzico Smart Payment Routing Service for free.
  • Dynamic 3DS
    iyzico Dynamic 3DS system allows you to give your customers a flawless experience by simply redirecting only the risky payments to 3DS verification process thanks to AI, meanwhile low risk payments are completed in miliseconds. Become an iyzico merchant and start using Dynamic 3DS system for free.