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In Order to Grow Social Benefits

On this path we have set off with our iyzico Start program in 2015, we continue working to thoroughly grow projects that will provide social benefits from good to better!

İyiden İyiye: For Society, Environment and Culture

As Turkey's leading fin-tech company, we believe that businesses contributing to the society, environment, and culture should thoroughly grow from good to better. For this reason, we support entrepreneurs who prioritize social benefits to utilize new resources for them and to thoroughly grow the benefits they create from good to better.

In addition to the free payment infrastructure service we offer to those working day and night for the values protected by all of us, we use all our means in projects that will bring them together with more conscious consumers.


Women in industry exist in every field and they continue to produce regardless of the circumstances.

In order to thoroughly grow this production “from good to better” and to support our women entrepreneurs to take firm steps into the future, we offer them support regarding commission, training, and promotion at the beginning of their business life.

We Stand by Startups with iyzico Start

With the motto of “Only an entrepreneur understands another entrepreneur.”, we have been the lifeline support of early-stage startups since 2015.

With iyzi Start, where we offer 0% commission and many other advantages for the first 3 months, more than 250 startups have had a turnover of over TRY 10,000,000 with 0 commission so far.

We continue to support the startup ecosystem with all our strength!

Frequently Asked Questions
iyzico Mobil Uygulaması hakkında sıkça sorulan soruları inceleyin ve daha fazlasını öğrenin.
  • What is Pay with iyzico?
    The simplest way of payment, Pay with iyzico, allows you to pay in the fastest and safest way either through your debit card or bank/electronic funds transfer.
  • What is iyzico balance?
    iyzico balance enables you to shop without the need of a credit card. You can top up your iyzico account by using our mobile app, spend the balance as you wish or withdraw the amount on your balance to your bank account.
  • How can I top up my iyzico balance?
    You can view the options “Top up with Card” and “Top up with Bank Transfer” options after you click on the “Top up” option on the iyzico mobile app. If you wish to top up your account using your card, you can enter the amount you would like to top up by clicking the “Top up with Card” button. Then you can continue your transaction by either choosing one of your saved cards or complete the top up by adding a new card. All transactions you make with your card are immediately reflected on your balance, 24 hours and 7 days.

    If you wish to continue with the “top up with bank transfer” option, you can choose your bank account and enter the amount you would like to top up. Top ups to your balance made via electronic funds transfer/bank transfer will immediately be reflected on your balance.
  • When will the amount I topped up to my iyzico account be reflected on my balance?
    Top ups to your iyzico balance with your card or electronic funds transfer/bank transfer are immediately reflected on your balance.
  • How can I spend the balance on my iyzico account?
    You can view the websites you can spend the balance on your iyzico account here.
  • How can I withdraw money from my iyzico balance?
    You can enter the amount you wish you withdraw by clicking “Withdraw Money” option on the iyzico mobile app. Then, you can complete the withdrawal by entering the IBAN you wish to send the money to. The amount you withdraw will be reflected in your bank account in the first working day following the transaction.
  • Where can I track my returns?
    You can track your returns by downloading iyzico mobile application and get 24/7 live support if you have any questions.
  • When will my return be reflected on my account?
    Your return is immediately reflected on your account upon approval of the return request.
  • Will I get charged for topping up my iyzico account?
    No, all transactions you make on your iyzico account is free of charge.
  • Will get charged for withdrawing money from my iyzico account?
    No, all transactions you make on your iyzico account is free of charge.