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We Think Like Our Merchants

We are always there to support our merchants so that they can focus on growing their business while leaving payments to us.

The former company I worked with asked for a 30-page document to be filled in when we asked for an update. I called iyzico because I didn’t want to do that and iyzico prepared everything in about 5 hours and we were ready to receive payments.

iyzico Referanslar - Sahibinden

In case of any problems, iyzico is able to develop solutions and reply to us faster. Whenever I need a new service, I tell it to iyzico, our teams work with them in an integrated manner and solve the problem. They constantly develop their products according to customer demands. We have a contact in iyzico, it is impossible to do these things and find any contacts in banks.

iyzico Referanslar - Armut

We really liked th fact that it was really easy to set up.

iyzico Referanslar - Mutlubiev

We were always facing obstacles with 3D payments in foreign sales, we were able to get past this problem thanks to iyzico. Approximately 10% of our revenues are generated from overseas sales.

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and thousands

5) One of the biggest advantages of working with iyzico is the fact that it provides us with a facility to store the credit card in a secure way. Because we are able to work with the same people multiple times. Our aim is to provide our customers with an easy and quick experience, we are able to achieve this through iyzico’s facility.

iyzico REferanslar - Deniz Butik

We use iyzico in C2C sales. We used our own system before, but we started to work with iyzico instead of investing in and managing an area outside our principal work and focused on our principal work. We are pleased with iyzico ever since we started working with them.

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