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Automate Your Cash Flow withOur Marketplace Payment Solution

Managing a marketplace can be challenging when dealing with seller commission, wire transfers, payment dates and much more. With our marketplace solution that automates all your cash flow you don’t have to deal with any of these.

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With our market payment solution, you can instantly manage your cash flow with your sellers, commission rates, and create financial reports with a single click. This way, you can observe your seller’s performances and conduct your workflow more effectively.

Join thousands of people by opening an iyzico account and start selling online instantly.

  • iyzico

    Fastest Integration For Any Online E-commerce Solution

    It doesn’t matter which online e-commerce platform you use. Simply complete your stores iyzico integration and sell anything, anywhere.

  • Payment Solution Partner Of Hundreds of Marketplaces

    In Turkey, hundreds of marketplaces choose iyzico as their payment solution partner to provide a secure payment experience for their customers.

  • iyzico

    Secure Payment System

    Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and PCI-DSS licensed iyzico is a fintech company that enables you to receive your payments seamlessly and securely.

  • Start Receiving Payment from All Credit Cards with Easy Integration

    With iyzico, your customers can enjoy shopping as they like. We offer installment option and support all card families offered in Turkey including debit cards.

  • iyzico

    Monitor your payments anywhere, any time!

    On your desktop or iyzico business mobile app, you can instantly check your payments via our merchant panel.

Fees and Commission Rates

Check out our special pricing.

  • No starting price.
  • No fixed fee.
  • No monthly fee.
Per every successful payment
%3,99 + 0,25 TL
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For sales over 20,000TL please contact us
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Grow Your Business

Research shows that merchants who benefit from iyzico’s one-to-one support increase their sales by 8%. Now is time to enjoy iyzico’s advantages

Identify Fraud With Our AI System

Fraud is always evolving. So, let us protect you 24/7 with our in-house AI system while maximizing your revenues and acceptance rate.

  • iyzico deposit
    What kind of checkout form will you offer to your customers?
    • Mobile optimized
    • Works with different interfaces
    • Compatible with Open Source Systems
    • Wallet System compatible
    • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
    • Compatible with International Payment Systems
  • iyzico deposit
    What do we offer you during the payment process?
    • Anti-Fraud System with AI
    • 3D Secure
    • iyzico Buyer Protection
    • Hassle-free Order Return
  • iyzico deposit
    How to manage post-payment?
    • Sales Reports
    • Money Delivery Reports
    • Support Team