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Dynamic 3DS ileÖdemeleriniz 3DS Doğrulamasına Takılmasın

iyzico Dynamic 3DS system allows you to give your customers a flawless experience by simply redirecting only the risky payments to 3DS verification process thanks to AI, meanwhile low risk payments are completed in miliseconds. Become an iyzico merchant and start using Dynamic 3DS system for free.

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How Can You Earn More Money with

iyzico Dynamic 3DS System?

Although 3D Secure may seem to be a security measure to prevent chargebacks, it might have an adverse effect on the success rate and causes you to give your customers a unpleasant payment experience. One out of five valid payments is lost during the 3D Secure verification process. So what is the solution? The iyzico Dynamic 3DS System redirects only the risky payments to 3D Secure verification process. Low risk payments, they are already successfully processed.

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Earn More with iyzico’s
Payment Experience

How about providing a flawless payment experience to your customers? With iyzico Dynamic 3DS System, payments are now much easier and faster.

Did you know that one of our global sports brand merchants increase their online sales conversion rate 10% just in 5 months?

Who is iyzico?

iyzico is a fintech company with PCI-DSS and Turkish Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency license, providing secure payment solutions to online companies and personal sellers of different sizes. Its technology creates value added solutions for both sellers and buyers. iyzico is simple, seamless and secure.