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Best Subscription Payment Method toIncrease Your Revenue

Card declines are common in every business. And when it comes to subscription commerce, declined cards cause you to lose customers and reduce your revenue. But no worries, we got you covered! Just specify the amount and the payment period for an uninterrupted customer service and revenue growth.

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Advantages of

Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly: It’s Your Choice

You’ve got the power to plan your own subscription period according to the needs of your business. No need to worry about involuntary churn with iyzico’s subscription method.

3-Months Free Trial

We understand that subscription commerce is a challenging business therefore you’ve the privilege to enjoy a free 3-month trial period.

Insufficient Funds Is Not A Problem

We will only collect the recurring amount from your customer’s registered card so no need to worry about payment failure due to insufficient funds.

Safe Card Storage

We know that minimizing payment failure is your ultimate need. So, by safely storing your customer’s card info you will keep your customers happy without losing any money.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Subscription Method?

  • Manage All Transactions From iyzico Control Panel

    While we work to maximize your revenue, you can check and manage all your transactions from one place, iyzico Control Panel.

  • Offer Free Trial Period For Your Customers

    If you want you offer your customers free subscription option, our payment method allows you to determine the period of the membership model.

  • Collect Payment For Your Offline Business

    Our subscription method suits the needs of your business. Whether your customers want to pay for their gym or car parking membership or experience gift box subscription we offer you the easiest way to collect payment.


Check out our special pricing.

Monthly Fee
199 TL
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For the first 3 months, the commission rate per every successful paymentwill be charged. At the end of the third month in addition to the iyzico rate,the monthly package plan will become valid.

Which Sectors


E-Commerce - Marketplace - SaaS


Service Industry

Gyms - Clubs

Car - Device Rentals