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Protected Bank Transfer Gives Your Customers the payments options they want

It's just good business to offer your customers options for making payments but this shouldn’t increase your operation costs. iyzico’s Protected Bank Transfer allows your customers to make payment by 3 banks while you manage all transactions on a single panel and offer them the privileges of iyzico Buyer protection without paying any extra fee.

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How does

iyzico Protected Bank Transfer Work?

For buyers;
  • 1Your customers are offered different bank options for paying via bank transfer.
  • 2We send them a SMS and an e-mail with the bank information they’d like to pay.
  • 3They should complete the money transfer within 3 days from their bank account.
  • 4For any inquires they can contact us via the live chat support 24/7.
İnternetten Ödeme Almanın En Kolay Yolu
İnternetten Ödeme Almanın En Kolay Yolu
For sellers;
  • 1iyzico approves the money transfer and the payment request of your customer on the same workday.
  • 2You will receive a confirmation email about the successful payment.
  • 3You can ship the product once you receive information on the successful payment.
How Can Your Business Benefit from

iyzico Protected Bank Transfer?

  • Work with more than one bank

    Most of our merchants run their business with a single bank account. With Protected Bank Transfer, you can start working and accept payment from Garanti, Türkiye İş Bankası and Akbank without any extra effort. Whichever bank your consumers prefer they can transfer the amount and it is as easy as that!

  • Manage All Transactions on One Panel

    You don’t have to spend time tracking your payments on different applications and lose valuable time. You can track all your payments on iyzico Control Panel and leave the rest to us.

  • Benefit from iyzico Buyer Protection

    With iyzico Buyer Protection’s 24/7 live support service, you will be offering your customers uninterrupted customer service while we answer all their questions.

  • Grow Your Customer Reach

    7% of online shoppers prefer not to use their card information and use bank transfer method when they are shopping online. Start using iyzico Bank Transfer method and give your customers the payment flexibility they want when buying online.

Apply Now to Start

Benefiting from iyzico Bank Transfer

It’s time to give your customers the flexibility they want when paying online. With iyzico’s Bank Transfer method you can offer them to pay with more than one bank.

  • When should I ship the product?
    You can ship the product when you receive a confirmation e-mail. You can also track your payments via iyzico Control Panel.
  • How can I provide answers to questions about iyzico Protected Bank Transfer?
    Your customers can contact us via email or chat with our support team 24/7 via iyzico mobile app.