Start Getting Your Payments in 24 Hours from Your Website

No need to wait anymore to start receiving your payments. Register now and start selling your products in 24 hours at your online store with just one single integration.

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Any Online E-commerce Solution

It doesn’t matter which online e-commerce platform you use. Simply complete your stores iyzico integration and sell anything, anywhere.

Tüm Alt Yapılar İçin En Hızlı Entegrasyon
Sanal Pos Destek

Good Company

From registration to integration and to receiving payments, just rest knowing that you’re in good company of our support team.

Secure Payment System
Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and PCI-DSS licensed iyzico is a fintech company that enables you to receive your payments seamlessly and securely.
Highest Protection with Artificial Intelligence
We protect you against fraudsters 24/7 with our AI based system and expert team.
You’ve Got the Control
On your desktop or iyzico business mobile app, you can instantly check your payments via our merchant panel.
How Can You Increase Your Sales?
iyzico works as your business partner to increase your sales. We think like you to identify your needs and make sure you get the best payment solution.
Alternative Payment Methods
We know that your business has no boundaries. Therefore whichever payment option your customers prefer -Qiwi, Sofort, Giropay or iDEAL- we got you covered.
Get Paid in Different Currencies
Receiving your money from customers all around the world is very simple with iyzico. Register now and get paid in Euros, Dolars, Pound or Ruble.
Store Card Info
Our card storage feature allows your customers to safely and securely store their card details for a faster purchase experience. It is a convenient solution for buyers to get through checkout hassle-free.
Seamless Checkout
Optimized after thousands of test results, we offer your customers a checkout with fewer clicks, a friction-free user experience that evidently reduces cart abandonment, increases conversion rates and customer loyalty.
With iyzico’s advantages, thousands of merchants grow their online business every day. Start benefiting from our innovative payment technology now.
Grow Your Business
Our merchants grow their online business by 6% while benefiting from one to one guidance of our team. Now is the time for you to grow your business with iyzico.
AI Technology
Fraud is always evolving. So, let us protect you 24/7 with our in-house AI system while maximizing your revenues and acceptance rate.
Check out our special pricing.
No starting price.
No fixed fee.
No monthly fee.
Corporate Sellers
%3,69 + 0,25 TL
Per every successful payment
For sales over 20,000TL please contact us
What kind of checkout form will you offer to your customers?
  • Mobile optimized
  • Works with different interfaces
  • Compatible with Open Source Systems
  • Wallet System compatible
  • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
  • Compatible with International Payment Systems
What do we offer you during the payment process?
  • Anti-Fraud System with AI
  • 3D Secure
  • iyzico Buyer Protection
  • Hassle-free Order Return
How to manage post-payment?
  • Sales Reports
  • Money Delivery Reports
  • Support Team