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About iyzico

Barbaros Özbugutu and Tahsin Isin founded iyzico in Istanbul in 2012. Their aim: to provide e-commerce companies of any size the ease and security of a payment management system.
Following years of experience at well-regarded e-commerce firms in Europe, including Firstdata, ClickandBuy, and Klarna, Mr. Özbugutu and Isin have brought about an innovative platform that they have adapted to the Turkish market. Managed by a team that loves e-commerce, iyzico makes the lives of all those accepting online payments easier. Through its value-added services, iyzico is about win-win collaboration.


What is iyzico?

iyzico is a payment processing and management system built on speed and efficiency. Iyzico, an abbreviation for “easy check out” in Turkish, is as its name implies, brings to life a convenient online payment system. Iyzico’s application spares you from investing in back end services, security concerns and tests. You simply register with iyzico and enter your specialized code that starts your online payments. There are membership fees or fees to set it up.

What are the advantages offered by iyzico?

iyzico offers iyzipos– a comprehensive solution for those new to e-commerce as well as those well versed in e-commerce but who would like to improve their results. With a simple five-minute installation and the ease of use within 48 hours, iyzipos is a convenient alternative to the long and challenging virtual POS application process. Moreover, it allows users to shop and pay in installments via credit cards issued by Turkey’s preferred banks – in one simple contract and setup. iyzipos makes it possible for e-commerce platforms with multiple virtual POS and alternative payment systems to access and manage their systems from a single platform.

Bridging the gap between a bank’s payment system and its commercial transactions, iyzipos also extends a whole host of other value-added services. They include:
• Top-tier data security – complete with PCI-DSS certification
• Fraud control filters and protections
• Single Click Payment, available on both mobile and the web; this boosts customer loyalty
• Quick start: whether a startup or a small business, activate iyzico’s online payment system within 48 hours
• Easy installation: Simply register and enter your specialized code that starts your online payments
• No additional fees or monthly payments: There are no additional or hidden fees for iyzico’s services. iyzico deducts a 2.5 % commission and a 0.25 TL fee on each transaction.
• Global standards: All of iyzico’s services are PCI-DSS certified – the globally preferred security seal of approval. Don’t worry about security again.