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iyzico’s link solution is the best way to collect payments for your business. Forget about mail order or wire transfer. Your customers can securely pay with their cards without sharing any information. Just create & share the link, it’s as simple as that!

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Sibel Kartal  | Büyükada Mavi Otel Sibel Kartal  | Büyükada Mavi Otel

We chose iyzico’s link payment solution for our hotel because our guests can pay with their card securely without sharing any information. This significantly increased our reservation rates

Sibel Kartal | Büyükada Mavi Otel

Alper Olcay | Sevgilibebek Alper Olcay | Sevgilibebek

For us, iyzico’s link solution is the fastest and easiest way to collect payments anytime anywhere.

Alper Olcay | Sevgilibebek


Receive My Payment?

  • 1Create your link on the merchant panel by entering the price and name of service.
E-Tahsilat İşlemini Nasıl Gerçekleştiririm?
Kurumsal E-Tahsilat Link Paylaşımı
  • 2Share the link with your customers via WhatsApp, SMS or on whatever platform you prefer.
  • 3And your customer can securely complete the payment.
  • The easiest and most secure way to receive your payment!
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Check out our special pricing.
No starting price.
No fixed fee.
No monthly fee.
Corporate Sellers
%3,19 + 0,25 TL
Per every successful payment
Personal Sellers
%3,99 + 0,25 TL
Per every successful payment
For sales over 20,000TL please contact us
Who is iyzico?

iyzico is a fintech company with PCI-DSS and Turkish Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency license, providing secure payment solutions to online companies and personal sellers of different sizes. Its technology creates value added solutions for both sellers and buyers. iyzico is simple, seamless and secure.