iyzico New Graduate ProgramMake a solid start on your career

Congratulations, you’re about to graduate and a new chapter of your life is ahead of you!

There are two things we know for sure; it is going to be full of wonders and you deserve to work with the best and learn from the best! But we got that covered for you 😉

iyzico, Turkey’s fastest growing fintech that is part of PayU, offers you a chance to jump start your career in a dynamic, fast-pace environment where you can take initiative, continue learning from the best while working at iyziPark and develop the next generation of fintech in Turkey.

Apply to iyzico Graduate Program now and take your place in the A-team of fintech!

Pair programming, constant self-development and the best engineering team is waiting for you! Apply now and take your seat among the best technology builders.
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iyzico New Graduate Program in 5 Steps

iyzico New Graduate Program in 5 Steps

New Graduate '19

iyzico Cem Çebi Engineering

iyzico's new graduate program has been one of the biggest milestones in my career, with this program I had valuable information about iyzico and its working culture. Then I became part of this excellent culture. I am very happy to start my business life with a new graduate program with a company that has an excellent culture and solidarity like iyzico.

Cem Çebi | Engineering

iyzico Burçin Aydoğmuş Engineering

Thanks to the iyzico new graduate program I applied last year, I made an important start for my career. I am sharing the excitement of our new friends who will join us when I think about the experiences I have gained since the first day I started.

Burçin Aydoğmuş | Engineering

iyzico Nisan Coşkun Data Analyst

My iyzico adventure started when I took the first step to iyzipark on the new graduate day. That day helped me to understand iyzico culture and I wanted to get involved in this beautiful team as soon as possible. I will complete my first year in the Data team soon and I am very happy to be a part of the iyzico family, which is developing and growing every day.

Nisan Coşkun | Data

iyzico Hasan Erfenek Engineering

The New graduate program was a very useful activity for me. It was a day where I had the opportunity to speak one-to-one with the colleagues I currently work, where I can see the working environment, and most importantly, where I can feel the culture of iyzico. Although I came to the recruitment interview, it was an event that I felt very comfortable and enjoyed.

Hasan Erfenek | Engineering

iyzicoder’s Diary

Wonder how your everyday life will be at iyziPark? Take a look at this video and see the snapshot of an iyzicoder’s everyday

Life at iyzico

Make your choice, business or engineering, and submit your application to become an iyzinator.