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Open Sources



Magento is an open source e-commerce web application that was launched on March 31, 2008 under the name Bento. Magento is a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL for web hosting service, which was built using parts of the Zend Framework. It provides full support for object-oriented programming and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Within the scope of special services we provide for iyzico customers, we implement such modules by our own team and offer them through our Website FREE.

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OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. A robust e-commerce solution for Internet merchants with the ability to create their own online business and participate in e-commerce at a minimal cost. OpenCart is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface. iyzico’s Opencart Module is now available. All Opencart users can integrate iyzico to their systems at any time.

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WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that was launched on September 27, 2011. WooCommerce is designed for the small to medium-sized online merchant using WordPress. iyzico users can now integrate WordPress based WooCommerce systems with iyzico and receive payments.

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Arastta is the first and the only cloud based Open Source eCommerce solution. Any online store can be built in 30 seconds thanks to Arastta’s flexible structure, advanced features and AppStore. Arastta Cloud is available with its Free, Starter, Premium and Business plans.

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PrestaShop is available under the Open Software License and officially launched in August 2007. The software, which is written in PHP and based on the Smarty template engine, is currently used by 165,000 shops worldwide. MySQL is the default database engine. PrestaShop is the winner of the 2010 and 2011 Best Open-source Business Application awards. iyzico users can now accept payments also with PrestaShop systems.

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Ready to Use Infrastructure



Having been established in 2005, Ideasoft created “Ideasoft Smart E-Commerce Packages” joining experience and quality. One half of the 12,000 e-commerce companies operating in Turkey currently use the smart e-commerce packages produced by Ideasoft. With e-commerce software featuring professional and easy use, you can start your online sales within 1 day. With existence in American, Australian and British e-commerce markets with “Shopio” brand, Ideasoft is a global player now with the products it makes.


It is established in 2006 as a separate brand within Nice Group with a history of exactly 40 years in business particularly to provide e-commerce, web-based software and special design solutions with the motto of ‘Maximum Trade’.


T-Soft, which has been serving since 2003, provides e-commerce infrastructure services to nearly 2000 customers, which are mostly major brands in Turkey. The product is developed by over 40 engineers in 2 separate technoparks. Tekrom Technology Inc., by year 2016, it has been operating with a total of over 70 employees. From responsive building, mobile site, android and iOS native mobile applications to rich interface options, from appstore to rest api architecture, we offer customers the technology that enables endless development.

N11 Market

Thanks to “n11Mağazam E-Commerce Software” prepared by and T-Soft business association, it is possible to open a virtual shop within minutes. N11Mağazam(N11Market) works integrated with store and thanks to integration, products can be loaded in one panel and sold on two separate channels. has started to serve thousands of virtual stores in the first month and has recorded a record.


Since founded in 2001, the Neticaret operates in e-commerce area and produces software for e-commerce. For research and development, Neticaret utilises its own capital, knowledge and technology. After starting in 2001 with a team of three people, Neticaret continues to work with a team of 30 experts.


Ganipara offers you all the necessary tools to open a shopping website. When you open your Ganipara account, your shopping website, your virtual store with a ready shopping cart and payment infrastructure integration are instantly available.


You can join the world of e-commerce without taking risks. You can make your payment for your shopping site by Monthly or Annual payment options and use it as long as you want. You can activate your shopping site and immediately start your sales at any time without paying any additional fee, commission or activation fee.


E-ticaretkur offers advanced e-commerce solutions with reasonable price. In the process of merchant’s e- commerce targets, eticaretkur help to its merchants to avoid losing time in some technical problems and to focus on their own business.


Faprika Software technologies has founded 2007. Since then we created and managed countless projects. We have been partner of so many success with the companies which are using our Corporate Websites,ERP,CRM or e-commerce softwares. Faprika Software technologies provides softwares which customized for customers’ needs with it’s experienced and expert software development team.


By awaking of potential e-commerce trade volume, the company named as PlatinMarket invested e-commerce sector and published their first e-commerce package version in Turkey in 2004. However, e- commerce was costly for SMEs. Due to this reason, PlatinMarket has specified its main aim as providing low cost developed e-commerce.


Kahvedigital is an advertising company that never gives up keeping pace with fast growing technology, presents newest infrastructure and brings simply a new style to its customers. Besides carrying out the all process via interactive communications, we also show ultimate attention to work innovative on the services we offer such as SEO, online advertising, E-commerce and software solutions. We focus on profit driven solutions e-commerce and working with all our power to convert your efforts to be converted into cash in the fastest way.

NetteNetiz provides you the effective communication between the target audience and your company by using web tecnologies with its experienced executives. With different designs developments and open to update infrastructure, offers turnkey projects to the customers and defends the opinion that it’s time to say goodbye to the costs as if you start a new project every year. Using the high technology and professional solutions our team targets %100 customer satisfaction.

Zencommerce Turkey

Zencommerce Turkey is founded in 2016 as a brand of Polish leader e-commerce company Dreamcommerce. We have a mission of helping growth of the e-commerce industry in Turkey. Our office is in financial center of Turkey, İstanbul. By offering our full equipped proven online store software with best prices, we want to be business partner of individuals and businesses who want to grow their sales via online store. With our software, our clients can open their online store instantly, they can also make sales through their Facebook pages. Zencommerce team is giving full support to its clients via Phone and Email. Beside of the Zencommerce team with our integrations our clients have maximum productivity with less effort.


To grow Turkey’s e-commerce market, two most respected technology companies take on responsibility and complete a free e-commerce project., software technology developed by T-Soft and sponsored the hosting service by Radore, , is Turkey’s first completely free e-commerce software. Within the minutes, an e-commerce site can be opened and no fee for SSL certificate, hosting, e-commerce software and ticket support. The virtual store owner can use his own domain name.


Daynex e-commerce systems guaranteeing to provide you with all the features you expect from an e-commerce site under the best conditions are stronger with iyzico payment integration. With our packages which enable you to e-trade within 1 day, you forthwith establish your e-commerce site and start to sell in e-world as you desire. You can choose Daynex e-commerce that provide the most professional e-commerce solutions for the use of all our small and medium scale enterprises regardless of shortage pof purchasing power.


Deltapro offers internet services which will allow you open to the world on an individual or corporate basis. Deltapro operates in fields of e-commerce, opportunity site, web programming and internet consultancy. Having been operating since 2004, Deltapro adopts 100% customer satisfaction as its main principle in a project’s design, programming as well as publication and post-publication services.


MarkaClick is a software company which provides web-based software and design solutions, aims to provide benefit for you to reach your customers by moving the brand value of your company on internet environment and strive for your satisfaction. We produce and implement package solutions for you with our experienced and professional team. We offer you alternative solutions with our software products which develop and renew day by day.


Summer Cart e-commerce platform is developed by the software firm Mirchev Ideas based in Bulgaria and offered to the market in 2008. Since its establishment, Summer Cart has been designed as a global e-commerce platform focused on rich functionality and innovation in technology.

rgs yazılım

We, Rgs Software E-commerce Solutions, have been offering e-commerce infrastructure and special software solutions since 2005. Thanks to the e-commerce system we prepare with an infrastructure suitable for today’s architecture, we ensured promotion and trading of hundreds of firms on virtual environment. Thanks to our developed SEO and Support services, we are offering a different and high quality approach to our customers.


Continually growing e-commerce market by creating new techno logical solutions to their clients; Offering turnkey solutions to set up your web store with WECART same day. Secure shopping infrastructure, flexible payment options, such as B2B and many accounting software integration, these are some of ease of WECART. 7 days with continuous customer support 24 hours all day with you!


SHOPPlus E-Commerce has been providing e-commerce software automation services since 2009. Having adopted the policy of Don’t Hire, Buy, SHOPPlus is the software which provide life-time software using rights with E-Commerce, License Key.


We, Agora Bilişim, have been producing economic solutions which can be easily used by everyone and meet the E-Commerce needs of today with Site Maker E-Commerce brand since 2009. You can activate your shopping website in 1 day using our ready E-Commerce packages and sell your products and services online. We prepare your logos and banners free of charge within the scope of the E-Commerce package with our free graphical support.  


Kontrolsoft Rebirth software,ERP, MRP, HR, B2B, e-commerce including infrastructure,Turkey’ s the first web software package.One of the most important points about this software is “iyzico” really adds value to it.


Kmk Information Technology Inc. Since 1998, it has developed all kinds of web-based applications that today you need to be able to be opened by the e-market infrastructure offers professional. all functions on trade practices to be successful in a virtual store adapted to the current way KMK e-commerce plans, new generation software application with a user-friendly, mobile-friendly is providing the opportunity to create e-commerce sites. iyzico, our eCommerce software running in full compliance with the payment method, we recommend that you explore free.

Odyo Bilişim

As Odyo Bilişim from 2010 located in the domestic software development industry , economic, and they reach a wide audience with their fair pricing policy . Easy to use, strong infrastructure , their service quality is constantly researching and rising market share , they continue their way as a company developing and improving .


Eticaretif as a sub- brand of webarısı offers ideal solutions for SMEs. The aim of Eticaretif is that expand e- commerce activity and create a competitive market in all fields. Such terms like mobil interface, payment options, and xml integration seen as an essential is just standards for Eticartif.

Clouds E ticaret

Inajans, 10 years with the eCommerce service that offers cloud-based eCommerce software Clouds E-ticaret anyone who wants to can have an ecommerce site immediately.


ETicaretSoft has been supplying to its customers on internet and software since 1998.EticaretSoft dedicated themselves on long term work partners with their customers and by their Professional team supplied technical supports to several companies and brought inputs as preparing projects.


We think before you think about many features that should be in a web site. We are introducing you with a system that you will not pay for anything other than a lifetime hosting fee without being affiliated with any institution. By improving the themes we have made the sector appealing to the public. Entering only your products and determining your sales price. We would like to see you in our happy customer portfolio.

VirtueMart Turkey

VirtueMart is Joomlan’s most preferred free e-commerce component, which is based on millions of websites around the world. From the simplest designs to the most specific designs and from the most amateur users to the most professional users, VirtueMart is the Turkey forum and Support Service which is an open source component preferred by everyone.

Webkul Software

Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd. (Since 2010) is providing end-to-end software solutions in a variety of technologies which includes CS-Cart, Magento , Prestashop , Joomla ,Salesforce, WordPress, Shopify, OpenERP, Opencart . We offer custom development and integration services of high quality at affordable prices. Partnership with Iyzico adds a significant value to our Iyzico integration.