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Sell to the World

Accept payments in different currencies including Euros, U.S. Dollars, British Pounds and Saudi Riyals.

Machine-Learning Fraud Detection

iyzico ensures the security of your sales with our machine-learning fraud detection system.

Credit Card Storage and One-Click Payment

You increase your site's conversion to sales via credit card storage and oneclick payment with our PCI-DSS certification.

Maximize Sales with Payment Forms

Start increasing your sales immediately with our payment forms optimized to maximize conversion rates.

Accept Alternative Payment Methods

Finally, you are no longer restricted to just “credit cards” to receive payment for international sales. Thanks to Alternative Payment Methods, you can collect payments through different channels, and sell to prospective customers who live abroad, with a single and simple integration.

Qiwi One of the most popular e-wallets in Russia with more than 16 million users, QIWI is a highly popular online payment method due to low credit and bank card penetration. QIWI commands 28% of online shopping in Russia, and you can start receiving payments immediately with this platform.

Countries where it is used:Russia, Ukraine

Currency: Euro(EUR), Dollar (USD), Ruble (RUB)
Sofort SOFORT is an alternative payment method that enables real-time online bank transfers. You can start to receive payments immediately with Sofort, which offers prospective customers living abroad a local payment method, and thereby enhance your online sales figures.

Countries where it is used: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland

Currency: Euro (EUR)
Giropay Serving 35 million users in Germany, giropay is a payment method that uses bank transfers instead of credit or debit cards. You can use giropay for e-commerce to Germany, which is the world’s third largest cross border e-commerce market. Reach out to customers in Germany with giropay.

Countries where it is used:Germany

Currency: Euro (EUR)
ideal iDEAL, used by 70% of Dutch citizens, is the most popular method for online orders there. It facilitates Internet branch payments without any need to open an account or register.

Countries where it is used:The Netherlands

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Monitor your payments anywhere, any time!

You can monitor all your payments instantly either from the iyzico mobile app or the iyzico Control Panel from your computer.


Our pricing is flexible depending on the volume of your business, and we don’t take any fixed fees.

If your business is new to online sales:

%3,69 + 0,25 TL

(BSMV Included)
Commission per executed transaction.
No installation fees! No annual fees!


If you would like to receive a special offer based on your business volume:

If you wish to receive a special offer based on your business volume:
You can evaluate ourspecial offers if you have a monthly volume of over 20.000 Turkish Lira.


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If you have a ready-to-use e-commerce infrastructure, you can apply and start selling and receiving payments before the end of the day with our easy integration.


Open Source

You can start receiving payments with our free and up-to-date modules if you have an e-commerce infrastructure developed with open source code such as OpenCart or WooCommerce.

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