The Online Shopping Assistance You Need, When You Need It

Sometimes when shopping online you might feel left out in the dark. Don’t worry! iyzico mobile app allows you contact our team 24/7 for any questions and assists you in returning when the item arrives damaged or not as described. With its Buyer Protection feature, iyzico mobile app is your assistant for a seamless shopping experience.

İnternet Alışverişlerinin Güvencesi iyzico Hep Seninle

24/7 Live Support

Having questions about your order? No worries! Just start a chat with our iyzico Buyer Protection support team and let us solve your problem.

Keep Track of Your Shopping History

Don’t get lost in tracking your orders from different online sites. For purchases over 17,000 online shops control & oversee all of your orders on one page with the iyzico mobile app.

It’s Not Okay Until You Say So

Make your purchase, get your order and until you approve it, we are here to assist you.

Over 17,000 Shops

You finally found that cool jacket you’ve been looking for but have some doubts? Just complete your purchase and let us deal with any problems about your order.

Kurumsal Sanal POS

One Page

The garden chair you got from the antique furniture site, the best running shoes with the best price or the toolkit every handyman needs are all listed on your iyzico mobile app. Forget about finding the order email because all your shopping history is now available on iyzico mobile app.


Anytime Anywhere

You need us and we’re there! Just start chating with one of our live support team members whenever you have a question about your order.

Kurumsal Sanal POS

One Click

No need to enter your card details anymore. Complete your payment in seconds with iyzico's card storage feature for a hassle free checkout experience.

iyzico application

The Easiest Way to Manage All Your Purchases

  • All your online purchase in one app.
  • Card storage
  • 24/7 live support
Who is iyzico?

iyzico is a fintech company with PCI-DSS and Turkish Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency license, providing secure payment solutions to online companies and personal sellers of different sizes. Its technology creates value added solutions for both sellers and buyers. iyzico is simple, seamless and secure.