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General Conditions

You can find details about the iyzico Privacy & Personal Data Policy, which is prepared for the protection of your personal data on this page.

  • iyzico Mobile Application User Agreement

    Article 1 - Introduction

    This iyzico Mobile Application User Agreement (hereinafter referred as “Agreement”) has been signed between Client/User and iyzi Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş. (hereinafter referred as “iyzico”), resides in Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sok. 42 Maslak A Blok Sitesi No:2/140 Sarıyer İstanbul.

    Clients/Users (defined below) accept, declare and undertake that they will be subject to the provisions of this Agreement and will act in accordance with the Agreement, and can be prohibited from using the services in iyzico Mobile Application with iyzico’s discretion.

    Clients accept, declare and undertake that they will be subject to provisions of this Agreement while using iyzico Mobile Application, this Agreement is the annex and integral part of Framework E-Money Issuance and Payment Service Agreement (“Framework Agreement”) which is signed or to be signed with Customer and provisions of Framework Agreement will be applied in cases where provisions do not exist in this Agreement, they may approve the agreements issued specific to services offered or to be offered by iyzico in scope of iyzico Mobile Application and verify Customer/User Information that presented to iyzico or they may be prohibited to use of these services.

    iyzico and Client/User will hereinafter be referred “Party” individually and “Parties” collectively.

    Article 2 - Definitions

    Checkout Page:
    The page developed by iyzico, where the Client/User enters the identification, delivery, invoice address and payment information and displays and approves this Agreement.

    Web Site :
    The website that carried out commercial activity on internet and used for presentation products and services selling by Seller/Supplier and purchasing goods and services by Client/User

    iyzi Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi whose the contact details are given in Article 1 of this Agreement and which is the payment service provider in this Agreement.

    iyzico Card Storage:
    The application developed and operated by iyzico for the improvement implementations of electronic commerce, payment, notification, financial transaction and accelerating card payment transactions.

    iyzico Mobile Application/Application:
    The application/software which ensures providing the services specified in this Agreement by iyzico and can be downloaded from the application stores which are deemed suitable by iyzico as paid or free and that the all rights reserved by iyzico.

    iyzico Mobile Services:
    Services that are deemed suitable to present on iyzico Mobile Application by iyzico

    Client/User Bank:
    The bank that issued the card which will be used by Customer/User for the payment transactions to be performed under this Agreement

    Credit card/debit card/ prepaid card which is open to iyzico Card Storage application given to Client/User by the Client/User Bank

    Card Information:
    The sixteen-digit number on the front of the Card and the expiration date of the Card

    A person who is the one of the Parties in this Agreement, buys the product and/or service sold by the Seller/Supplier on Website or other channel through iyzico payment service, and who does not have to be the Client of iyzico and is using the iyzico Mobile Application under the conditions specified in the Agreement.

    Client / User Information:
    Name / surname, ID number, e-mail address, shipping address and invoice address of Customer/User declared to iyzico by Customer/User

    Buyer Protection:
    Protection program that is provided to Client/User and Seller/Supplier for the prices of products of Seller/Supplier for a certain time by iyzico.

    All online environments other than the Website where the Seller/Supplier sells products and/or services

    Mobile Device:
    Devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PC that benefit from services provided by mobile network

    Person who use iyzico Mobile Application and is a registered client of payment and electronic money services of iyzico at the same time

    Payment Instrument:
    A card, mobile phone, password or similar personalized instrument used to issue a payment order by Client/User

    Payment Transaction :
    A series of operations that are conducted through the Platform for the purpose of pay for the products or services sold on the Website.

    Platform :
    A virtual platform developed by iyzico which consists of a virtual payment and authentication gateway software.

    The natural or legal person who sells products and / or services through the Website or the Channel that the fund which is the subject of the Payment Transaction is required to reach.

    System Partner :
    Technology solution partner, bank or financial institution which are providing cooperation in the processing of payment transactions through the Platform

    This iyzico Mobile Application User Agreement executed between iyzico and Client/User

    Delivery Date :
    The date of receipt of the product purchased by the Client/User from the Web Site or the Channel.

    Authorized Employee:
    Employee authorized by iyzico to provide support and contact the Client/User about the usage of Platform and Buyer Protection.

    Article 3 - Term

    This Agreement shall be deemed to have terminated as soon as the Client/User deletes and removes such application from own phone, providing that iyzico reserves the authorizations related to termination under this Agreement.

    Article 4 - Scope

    Following the installation of the iyzico Mobile Application of iyzico on the Client/User’s mobile devices and the completion of the necessary activation process , the terms and conditions for the usage of iyzico Mobile Application Services, which are provided or to be provided by iyzico within the scope of application, shall be the subject of this Agreement.

    iyzico mediates the payment transaction process during the purchase of the products and/or services that are sold by the Seller/Supplier on the Web Site or the Channel. Therefore, iyzico is not the owner or the Seller of the products and/or services sold on the Web Site or Channel.

    iyzico does not declare, guarantee or undertake on accuracy, quality, safety or legality of content provided and of products and services offered for sale by Seller/Supplier.

    The payment transactions related to the following purchase and sale are not included in the scope of Buyer Protection:

    a) Goods or services whose price change depending on fluctuations in the financial market and which are not controlled by the seller or the supplier. Example: Stocks, precious metals
    b) Custom-made products on order in accordance with Client/User's requests or personal needs. Example: Custom designed products
    c) Products which are perishable or may be expired
    d) Products that its protective elements such as package, tape, seal and packing is opened and the return is not suitable in terms of health and hygiene. Example: Underwear, Cosmetics
    e) Products that are mixed with other products after delivery and which cannot be separated by nature.
    f) Except as provided under the subscription agreements periodical publications, such as newspapers and magazines,
    g) Services for accommodation, carrying furniture, car rental, supplying food and beverages and entertainment, holiday, package tour or leisure that should be done on a certain date or period.
    h) Services which are executed immediately in electronic environment or intangible properties which are delivered immediately to the Client/User. Example: software, in-game products, e-book
    i) Services offered with the Client/User's approval before the end of the appeal process
    j) Sale of real estate and vehicles
    k) Gift Card
    l) Payments made between the two merchants (purchases for non-personal usage)
    m) All kinds of service purchase payments
    n) Money transfer transactions that do not constitute any product purchases (between individuals or businesses)
    o) Sales that are not in the scope of the Distance Contracts Regulation (sales carried out by the buyer and the seller face to face)
    p) Books, digital content and computer consumables in case the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery of the product.
    q) Second-hand or antique products

    Article 5 - Principles and Conditions of Usage of iyzico Mobile Application

    a. Installing iyzico Mobile Application and Becoming a Client/User

    Client/User agrees to provide/give complete, accurate and up-to-date information/personal data considered required by iyzico during the activation/registration process after installing the iyzico Mobile Application to the Mobile Device which has security conditions and specifications specified by iyzico. iyzico has the right to request that Client/User’s information/personal data be updated,verified for continuous usage and not to give permission to use the Application without updating/verifying.

    User accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she cannot be the Customer of iyzico by installing iyzico Mobile Application to Mobile Device and approving this Agreement, can benefit from Buyer Protection service as limited and in accordance with the decision of iyzico, unless otherwise agreed, he/she cannot benefit from payment and electronic money service of iyzico via iyzico Mobile Application and he/she has to complete verification and Framework Agreement approval processes specific to these service in order to use them.

    Client/User may contact the Authorized Employee by sending an e-mail to [email protected] in case of any problems during the activation process of the iyzico Mobile Application due to some reasons arisen from iyzico such as not being able to install, not being able to use application etc.

    b. Transactions which can be made with iyzico Mobile Application

    In case the Client/User installs the iyzico Mobile Application to the Mobile Device which has the necessary features and completes the activation process,

    Client can display the history of Payment Transactions made to Sellers/Suppliers and display payment amount, payment date, payment number and delivery address in this scope and Buyer Protection, card storage and cargo tracking if iyzico has cooperation with the relevant cargo company and other transactions may be addby iyzico in future. iyzico does not undertake that the Client/User will perform these transactions without interruption.

    iyzico has the right to revise and terminate the services offered to both the Client and the User within the scope of the Application, if iyzico deems necessary.

    Article 6 - Services

    Services provided by iyzico briefly are;

    a.Payment and E-Money Service

    Execution of Payment Transaction and issuance of electronic money service which is performed with the use of the Payment Instrument after the completion of the order of the products and / or services by the Customer / User who is in the position of “sender” offered for sale by the Seller / Provider which is in the position of “receiver” on Website or Channel in the scope of the Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions Law numbered 6493.

    The Payment Transaction will be considered unsuccessful if the payment amount has not been delivered to iyzico by the System Partner even though the payment transaction has been made by the Client/User.

    In the event where there is any information or suspicion provided by the System Partner that a Payment Transaction is made without the information or consent of the card holder, the related Payment Transaction can be canceled by iyzico and the amount paid can be refunded.

    Unless the Client approves the Framework Agreement and/or completes necessary identity validation, he/she will not benefit from payment and e-money services via iyzico Mobile Application.

    b.Buyer Protection

    i. The Client/User pays the product price by the Payment Instrument after the order of the Seller/Supplier's product. The payment amount is transferred to the protected account by iyzico and the Client/User and Seller/Supplier are notified in writing that the product price is deposited into this account.

    ii. After the Client/User makes the payment, the Seller/Supplier shall send the product to Client/User’s address in compliance with the cargo delivery time committed while listing the product and shall provide the shipping information to Client/User.

    iii. If the Seller/Supplier does not deliver the product to the Client/User within the 30 (days) from the date of the order or with the claim that the product sent by the Seller/Supplier does not have the specified qualifications, or with the claim that in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation, within 3 (three) days from the delivery date, from the support page which is linked in the Buyer Protection e-mail, Client/User can submit his/her request and information and document relevant to the request.

    iv. After the request has been submitted, iyzico sespends the amount equal to payment amount related to the Payment Transaction subject to the request in the protected account and then contacts the Seller/Supplier about the request as soon as possible. In the event that the Seller/Supplier accepts the request or does not make any declarations related to the request or does not submit any documents in 3 (three) business days, the Client/User is asked to return the purchase and sale product to the Seller/Supplier and share the shipping information with iyzico. In case the Product is delivered to the Seller/Supplier and the Seller/Supplier notifies that the product is suitable for the return within 3 (three) business days or altough the product is delivered to Seller/Supplier within 3 (three) business days but he/she did not make any declaration, then the payment amount is returned to the Client/User. Even though the request or demand of the Client/User is in compliance with the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 and Distance Contracts Regulation, iyzico may unilaterally decide to transfer the product price to the Seller/Supplier and to direct the Client/User to the necessary authorities to exercise their rights within the scope of Consumer Protection Law No. 6502. In such cases, the Client/User agrees and undertakes that he/she acknowledges and understands that the iyzico does not guarantee any rights to him/her through Buyer Protection and he/she will not request any kind of loss indemnisation from iyzico. If the subject of the complaint is that the purchased product is not delivered, the Seller/Supplier should submit a valid shipping information or document within 3 (three) business days after the request is submitted to him/her. Otherwise, the payment amount could be refunded to the Client/User at the end of this period.

    v. If the Seller/Supplier does not accept the Client/User's request, he / she may submit the shipping delivery records, contracts, invoices or other documents to prove that the claim is not justified. After the documents have been received, iyzico makes a final decision in 7 (seven) business days as the rejection of the request or the acceptance of the request. If the Client/User's request for the purchased-sold product is accepted by iyzico, the Client/User is asked to return the product to the Seller/Supplier and share the shipping information with iyzico. If the Product is delivered to the Seller/Supplier as specified in paragraph 6.b.iv of this Agreement, the payment amount shall be returned to the Client/User. If the Seller/Supplier has an objection to the product returned by the Client/User, the Seller/Supplier may submit the documents to iyzico proving that the returned product is not eligible for refund, within 3 (three) business days. After the documents have been received, iyzico makes a final decision in 7 (seven) business days as the rejection of the request or the acceptance of the request.

    vi. In case of any dispute between the Client/User and the Seller/Supplier, iyzico has the right to suspend the product price in the protected account until a settlement is reached or a court/arbitral tribunal decision is made.

    c.Card Storage

    i. In order to complete the necessary transactions within the scope of Card Storage service, the Client/User should make a successful purchase in the Web Site or in the Channel and provide the additional information requested correctly.

    ii. The Client/User Bank may not be able to approve a transaction, the Client/User may not be able to use Card Storage service and complete a certain transaction for the reason that the Client/User Bank has not been able to approve a transaction and the Client/User has not entered correctly and timely the single-use password sent by Client/User Bank.iyzico does not have any responsibility for the lack of information and transaction in these processes and the failure to complete the payment.

    iii. iyzico can keep and process Client/User Information, Card Information, usage and transaction information of iyzico Card Storage of Client/User for the purposes of fulfillment of obligations determined by this Agreement and to operate statistical evaluations and iyzico Card Storage in periods needed to be fulfillment of these activities and can transmit to Seller/Supplier, System Partner and Client/ User Bank under the conditions specified in this Agreement. Client/User agrees and declares that they permit to be stored, processed and sent Client/User Information and Card Information and to be transmitted to parties stated in this Article.

    iv. The Client / User shall enter the Card Information regarding the Card within the scope of Card Storage and iyzico will not store any numbers,emblems and similar information on its Card systems other than the Card Information of the Client/User’s Card.

    v. iyzico can store, process and transmit to its business partners information of the transactions performed using Card Storage,by making anonymous, for the prupose of statistical evaluations, performance assesments, the marketing campaigns of iyzico and its business partners, the annual reports and similar reports.

    vi. iyzico may contact the Client/User through the Client/User's contact details declared by the Client/User during the Client/User transactions in order to fulfill its obligations set forth in this Agreement and may send messages to Client/User.

    vii. In case of a request from the competent authorities in accordance with the current legislation, iyzico will forward the Client/User Information, Card Information, and the usage and transaction information performed by the Client/User within the scope of iyzico Card Storage to the relevant authorities.

    Article 7 - Terms of Use

    The acts mentioned below will be clearly deemed violation of the Agreement during the usage of iyzico Mobile Application and specially Buyer Protection by Client/User and Client/User will not benefit from iyzico services:

    i. Violation of legislation, breach of the rights of third parties and/or of this Agreement or its annexes.
    ii. Violation of intellectual and/or industrial property rights of third parties, such as copyright, trademark,
    iii. Not having the legal capacity (such as being under 18 years of age) or using iyzico services although you are prohibited from membership,
    iv. Claiming deceptive, misleading, false information and documents for a Payment Process under Buyer Protection,
    v. Transfer of User account or User name without the written consent of iyzico,
    vi. Spam, unsolicited or mass electronic communication or sending chaining e-mail,
    vii. Distribution or dissemination of viruses or technologies that may harm iyzico or its Users,
    viii. Damage to the iyzico infrastructure or system, including behavior to disrupt Client/User profile assessment and similar systems,
    ix. Entering iyzico with robot or automatic input methods for any purpose,
    x. Collection and storage of e-mail or other personal information of Users without prior written approval of Clients/Users,
    xi. Re-sale, sharing, distribution, reproduction, processing of any part of any intellectual and / or industrial property subject, (including but not limited to design, text, image, html code and other codes) of iyzico.
    xii. The usage of the Platform for all kinds of transactions that do not qualify for the sale of products and / or services, but only for the transferring moneyand to conduct behaviors to manipulate the operation of the Platform.

    Client/User declares, accepts and undertakes that iyzico is not a arbitration authority while benefiting from Buyer Protection and Buyer Protection is only applicable for the scope stated in Article 4, the request submitted by Client/User in the scope of Buyer Protection is not a chargeback request and iyzico can reject the request with unilateral determination, andacknowledges that iyzico does not undertake or guarantee related to solution of any request or related to refund and he/she cannot claim any compensation from iyzico, its managers or employees in the event of refusal of the request or refund fail for any reason whatsoever.

    By being a party to this Agreement, the Client/User accepts to acknowledge that iyzico may monitor and process the personal data and the Payment Transactions between the Client/User and the Seller/Supplier and the contents thereof, and may keep and store the records related to these contents for ten (10) years in accordance with the legal legislation, may transfer to third party service providers abroad correspond to an agreement and may transmit to the relevant authorities in scope of legislation.

    Client/User declares, accepts and undertakes that once the Client/User has purchased a product from the Seller/Supplier within the Buyer Protection program, after purchasing product, Client/User information and Card information given to iyzico during payment process are kept, processed and shared with Sellers/Suppliers who are Buyer Protection program members for payment services and affiliated other services by iyzico and he/she is informed regarding this by iyzico.

    Article 7 - Intellectual Property

    iyzico is the owner of iyzico logo and all the content created by iyzico on the site, including but not limited to the design of the Platform, Checkout Page, image, html code. Client/User can not use, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, or make derivative works that subject to iyzico's intellectual property rights.

    Article 8 - Rights and Obligations of the Parties

    a.Client/User agrees and declares that all information/data provided during registration and usage/update of iyzico Mobile Application is complete, accurate and up-to-date. Client/User cannot update own login information (Name-Surname-ID Number-Date of Birth, E-mail address, Mobile phone number) via iyzico Mobile Application.

    b.In case of card storage in iyzico Mobile Application, the responsibility of iyzico is limited to the secure storage of the Card/ Payment Instrument information. iyzico is not a party to the Payment Transactions carried out from Seller/Supplier with the Cards/ Payment Instrument added to the iyzico Mobile Application. Client/User is obliged to direct the problems/requests/objections arising from the transactions in this scope to the issuing bank or the payment institution which is used in the transaction, provided that the Buyer Protection provisions are reserved, and iyzico is not the addressee of such problems/requests/objections.

    c.In case of failing to use iyzico Mobile Application for reasons not caused by iyzico or performing operations within the iyzico Mobile Application, including technical defects, Client/User accepts and undertakes that Client/User will not claim anything from iyzico and iyzico does not have responsibility.

    d. Client/User shall take all necessary measures to ensure that the physical storage and system access (Client / User e-mail, password, etc.) of the Mobile Device used to benefit from iyzico Mobile App related to the security, storage, and the exclusion of third parties, otherwise, he/she accepts all responsibility belong to him/her.

    e. iyzico can update the iyzico Mobile Application and stop serving over previous versions if it deems necessary. On its own initiative, iyzico can shut down the iyzico Mobile Application or any service within the iyzico Mobile Application periodically or indefinitely and/or suspend providing services for periodically or indefinitely.

    f. Client/User accepts to use iyzico Mobile Application in accordance with the applicable legislation and conditions of this Agreement. Client/User accepts to take all necessary precautions to prevent sending and using materials such as virus, spyware, malevolent use, trojan horse etc. which may damage all kinds of devices, hardware and software used by iyzico Mobile Application or iyzico or part of these.

    g. In case it is determined that the Client/User violates the obligations stated in this Agreement and abuses the iyzico Mobile Application and the services provided under the Application, iyzico has the right to suspend or remove the Client/User's membership completely from the Application and the Client/User hereby acknowledges that Client/User will be responsible to indemnify iyzico and/or the 3rd Party for any damages that may have arisen or will arise.

    h. Client / User agrees, declares and undertakes to keep update the all software (including the operating system) of mobile device which he/she uses the iyzico Mobile Application and protect the Mobile Device against unauthorized access with the latest AntiVirus and AntiSpyWare programs and that he/she will pay attention to the security of the Mobile Device in order to prevent the access of persons other than him/her.

    I. iyzico shall notify Client/User of any changes made in the provisions of the Agreement via the Application or via e-mail. The changes will be binding for the Client/User when they are approved. Client/User agrees that he/she cannot use the services within the scope of application if he/she does not approve the Agreement.

    j. Client/User agrees that iyzico is not responsible for any legal proceedings, inquiries or litigation against iyzico, regarding the products and/or services offered by the Seller/Supplier on the Website or the Channel.

    k. iyzico has the right to stop the use of the Platform in the Web Site or the Channel of the Seller/Supplier. iyzico may use this right without giving any prior notice.

    l. In case the Client/User does not make any requests within 3 (three) days as of the Delivery Date, he/she accepts that iyzico may transfer the product price to the Seller/Supplier’s account.

    Article 9 - Termination

    Any of the parties may unilaterally terminate this Agreement and its annexes at any time. In the event of such termination, the parties shall mutually exercisethe rights and debts born up to the date of termination.

    iyzico may immediately terminate the Agreement unilaterally if the Client/User breaches this Agreement and its annexes. In this case, the Client/User acknowledges responsibility for all damages and losses suffered or to be suffered by iyzico.

    Article 10- General Provisions

    Neither party shall be liable to the other party for any failure to fulfill or delay of any obligation under this Agreement due to force majeure. Force majeure is an unforeseen and unpredictable event that out of for the reasonable control of the parties. Civil commotion, war, government restrictions and administrative decisions, embargo, implement of the government or an institution, internet speed and outages, natural disaster, storm, fires, accident, sabotage, explosion, terrorist attack, lack of material or consumables, strike and lockout are considered force majeures.

    Except for the transfer of iyzico to its own group companies, the parties may not transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third party.

    All notifications and electronic announcements to Client/User shall be made to his/her e-mail address or physical address. In case the Client/User does not notify any e-mail or address change in writing, the notification to the existing e-mail address or physical address shall be deemed valid.

    Client/User may set the preferences about announcements and campaigns made by iyzico by phone, call centers, automatic call machines, e-mail, SMS and surveys to be made about iyzico on Checkout Page or

    By accepting this Agreement, the Client/User agrees that iyzico may use and transmit other data, including but not limited to the Client/User's personal data, in accordance with the regulations of the Privacy Policy and transfer to third parties.

    iyzico may change this Agreement at any time by e-mail or by publishing updated articles on

    iyzico can change the policies and rules on the website periodically. The amendments are effective on the date they are published on iyzico's website.

    Turkish law shall apply in the case of legal disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this Agreement. The Istanbul Anatolian Courts and the Executive Directorates shall be authorized between the Parties in the event of any disputes arising out of the interpretation or application of the provisions of this Agreement.

    The parties agree that Platform records, parties' books, records, computer records, e-mails will constitute valid, binding, evidence in disputes arising from this Agreement.

    If it is decided by any court or any other competent authority that any provision of this Agreement is completely or partly invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of this Agreement and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

    The fact that iyzico does not use any of its rights or uses it late shall not mean renunciation.

    Article 11 - Processing of Personal Data-Clarification Text

    a.Data Controller and Representative

    In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data “Law No. 6698”), your personal data may be processed by iyzico as the data controller, as described below.

    b. For what purpose of personal data to be processed

    Your collected personal data shall be processed in accordance with the conditions stated in Articles 5 and 6 of Law No 6698 in scope of providing Buyer Protection and Card Storage service by iyzico in order to conduct necessary works by our work units make you benefit from products and services offered by iyzico; supplying legal, technical and commercial-business safety of iyzico and related persons who have business relations with iyzico, sharing with Buyer Protection program member Clients in order to provide effectively of Buyer Protection service and necessary planning and executing activities for suggesting and introducing offered products and services by Company by customizing to taste, use, habits and needs of persons.

    You can find detailed information about the purpose of processing your personal data by iyzico from the iyzicoPrivacy Policy at

    c.To who and for which purpose personal data can be transferred

    Your collected personal data can be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, third parties that we receive service or especially Banks, legally authorized public institutions and private persons for the purposes stated Article 11(b) above in the framework conditions and purposes of processing personal data stated in Article 8 and 9 of Law Numbered 6698 and limited to purposes stated in iyzico Privacy Policy at

    ç.The Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data

    Your personal data is collected by iyzico to draw up and execute the Agreement to be drawn up with you and in accordance with your explicit consent, in physical and electronic form from the website and other sources . Your personal data collected for these legal reasons may be processed and transferred for the purposes specified in Articles 11 (b) and 11 (c) in accordance with the personal data processing requirements and purposes set out in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law No. 6698.

    d.Data Subject’s Rights Stated in Article 11 of Law No. 6698

    If you submit your requests for personal rights as the data subject by the methods set out in the Data Subject Application Form, iyzico shall conclude the request free of charge within thirty days at the latest. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, iyzico shall charge at the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. In this context, data subjects have rights to;
    • learn whether personal data has been processed,
    • request information if personal data is processed,
    • learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately,
    • know the third parties in which personal data is transferred at home or abroad,
    • Request the correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, and request notification of the transaction made in this scope to third parties who personal data is transferred,
    • Request the deletion or destruction of the personal data and request notification of the transaction made in this scope to third parties whose personal data is transferred, in case the reasons requiring the processing of the data to be eliminated although it has been processed in accordance with the Law No. 6698 and other relevant provisions of the law,
    • Object to the emergence of a result against the individual by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automatic systems,
    • Demand compensation for damage, in case he/she suffers any damages due to the unlawful processing of personal data

    Article 12 - Applicable Law and Competent Court

    The parties accept, declare and undertake that the applicable law shall be Turkish Law in all disputes arising from this Agreement and that the Istanbul Anatolian Court and Execution Offices are also authorized to resolve the disputes.

    Article 13 - Annexes

    The Client/User agrees that the rules and policies published on the iyzico website are an annex and integral part of this Agreement. The Client / User agrees that Client/User have read and understood the following rules.

    Privacy & Personal Data Policy
    Chargeback Procedure

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