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About User Agreements

You can find the details of your rights and obligations in the contracts on this page.

  • Framework Service Agreement Approval and Information Form


    1- Information

    This Framework Service Agreement Approval and Information Form ("Form") is an approval and information document that contains the rights and obligations of the User regarding the service to be provided by iyzico Payment and Electronic Money Services Inc. ("iyzico" hereafter) within the scope of the contractual relationship between the User and iyzico. The User is required to carefully read and review this Form and the Agreement and inform iyzico in writing about any provisions or matters that they wish to obtain information about, before signing the Agreement.

    2- Agreement

    By digitally approving this Form through the system, the User declares that they have been informed about the e-money issuance and payment services offered by iyzico within the scope of the Framework Agreement to be concluded between the Parties and gives their consent to the remote communication conclusion of the Framework Agreement.

    3- Services

    Payment Services: Within the scope of the Framework Agreement to be concluded with iyzico, the User will benefit from the payment services offered by iyzico. In order for the User to benefit from iyzico's services and to perform payment transactions in this context, it is necessary for the User to use a payment instrument such as a card, a smartphone with internet connectivity, a computer, a password, or similar means. The User's smartphones must have Android 7 and above, IOS 13 and above, and their browsers must have version 90 and above for Chrome, version 12 and above for Safari, version 100 and above for Firefox, version 100 and above for Edge, or version 90 and above for Opera.

    Electronic Money Issuance: Electronic money is the monetary value issued by iyzico in Turkish Lira against the funds received from the User, stored electronically, accepted by other real or legal persons apart from iyzico, and used for payment transactions defined in the Law.

    When the User requests electronic money issuance by:

    a. Using a payment instrument via the iyzico web interface, mobile payment method, bank transfer/EFT through the bank account, purchase credit obtained from affiliated institutions, or

    b. Using a payment instrument via the payment page on the online or offline platforms where the merchant sells products and/or services within the scope of Protected Shopping, through bank transfer/ETF through the bank account or purchase credit obtained from affiliated institutions,
    iyzico will issue Electronic Money to the User for the amount of funds transmitted by the User.

    The User may request the conversion of Electronic Money into fund, either partially or entirely, at any time. Unless required by legislation or the policies of affiliated institutions, iyzico will process the refund of the funds corresponding to the Electronic Money upon the User's request by the end of the next business day at the latest.

    During the conversion process, the User can only request the refund to their payment accounts or instruments that are under their ownership, as long as there are no security reasons or unless otherwise provided in the legislation.
    If the User paid for the Electronic Money with a credit card, the refund of the Electronic Money can only be made to the same credit card account. The User cannot withdraw the loaded amounts of Electronic Money with their credit card in cash or transfer it to their or any third party's account.

    The refund of the Electronic Money that the User loaded into their iyzico account via the mobile payment method can only be made to the mobile line used by the User during the loading process. The User cannot withdraw the loaded amounts of Electronic Money with their mobile line in cash or transfer it to their or any third party's account.

    As a result of the User's request for Electronic Money issuance through the shopping credit, the repayment of the Electronic Money amounts loaded into the iyzico account can only be made to the User's own account opened with the credit institution. The User cannot withdraw the Electronic Money loaded into the iyzico account with the shopping credit in cash or transfer it to any third party’s account.

    When making payments to iyzico within the scope of Electronic Money or Payment Service, the User's credit card or bank card information used will be stored in iyzico's system, which complies with PCI-DSS Level 1 security. The User can subsequently use the stored card information to make payments or manage and delete the card information from the management interface or mobile application.

    Secure Payment with Bank/Credit Card: The User can benefit from iyzico's secure payment services with the bank/credit cards defined in their iyzico account. After this process, an amount equivalent to the payment amount is deducted from the User's bank/credit card, and Electronic Money is issued in return. The User can use the converted amount of Electronic Money for purchasing the relevant goods and/or services.

    The User is aware that if they act on behalf of someone else's account or transfer their registered phone line to a third party, change their SIM card, switch their phone line to another mobile operator, or change their identification, contact, or other identification-related information, they must immediately notify iyzico in writing in accordance with the Law No. 5549.

    If the authorization process during product and/or service sales, where payment is authorized by the recipient or initiated through the recipient, does not specify the exact payment amount, and/or if the actual payment amount exceeds the anticipated amount considering the spending history, contract terms, and other relevant factors, the User can request a refund under the condition that the goods/services have not been consumed, the service has not been received, and no refund has been made in a duplicate manner.

    The User will be responsible for protecting their iyzico account (including the relevant username and password), the payment instrument they possess, and the shared data. They shall not share them with unauthorized third parties and will take all reasonable and necessary measures to keep them secure. The User is obliged to use the payment instrument only in accordance with the issuance and usage terms. From the moment they receive the payment instrument and/or have the possibility to use and dispose of it, the User is obliged to take all reasonable and necessary security measures. In case of loss, theft, or unauthorized use of the mentioned information and/or payment instrument, the User must immediately inform iyzico by calling iyzico's Call Center at 0216 599 01 00 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

    Protected Shopping: Within the scope of the Protected Shopping service provided by iyzico, which is a protection program for the entire shopping process, the User, as the buyer and recipient of the payment transaction, in case the product/service purchased for personal use is not delivered within the specified/committed time period, or in case of a claim that the product/service sent by the User does not meet the specified qualifications, or with a valid request in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6502 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, the User shall submit their request and, if applicable, related information and documents to iyzico within 30 (thirty) days from the order date or within 3 (three) days from the delivery date through the secure shopping support page provided in the Protected Shopping e-mail sent by iyzico. The User acknowledges and understands that the Protected Shopping program does not provide any guarantee of rights from iyzico and that it does not replace the rights arising from consumer legislation. The User also declares, accepts, and undertakes that their objections or other claims within the scope of Protected Shopping will not prevent them from exercising their rights under consumer legislation, and therefore, they will not make any claims for damages or compensation from iyzico under any name.

    Products/services not covered by Protected Shopping are regulated in the Framework Agreement, and the rights of objection and claim provided by Protected Shopping will not be valid for payment transactions related to these products and services.

    Card: Within the scope of the services provided by iyzico, if the User loses or has their physical Card or the designated virtual Card stolen, or if they become aware of any transaction carried out without the User's consent through these Cards, the User accepts, declares, and undertakes that they are obliged to immediately notify iyzico by calling the Call Center at 0216 599 01 00 or by sending an email to [email protected]. In such cases, the User shall be responsible for damages arising from unauthorized use, up to 250 TL (two hundred fifty Turkish Liras), subject to the reservation of the relevant legal liability amount for transactions carried out within 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the User's notification to iyzico. This limit shall not apply if the unauthorized use is based on the User's gross negligence or intent, or if the necessary notification as detailed above is not made.

    Regarding iyzico's Card service; the User's right of withdrawal begins on the date the Contract is established. The User may exercise their right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days from the establishment of the Contract, without stating any reasons and without incurring any penalty. The User must notify iyzico of their intention to exercise the right of withdrawal during this period, either through the Call Center at 0216 599 01 00 or via email to [email protected]. According to the relevant legislation, the Card will be canceled by iyzico within 7 (seven) days.
    In case it is determined that the Card or Electronic Money account is not used in accordance with iyzico's policies or the relevant legislation, or if there is abuse of campaigns or the card system, iyzico may immediately suspend the use of the Card, Electronic Money, and/or the services it provides.

    If iyzico makes changes to the Framework Agreement and service conditions, the User has the right to terminate the Framework Agreement without any charge by submitting a written notification within 30 (thirty) days from the date of learning about the change, following the notification regarding the change and termination right. The User acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that all kinds of notifications will be made through the iyzico Mobile Application, www.iyzico.com, or the notification channels shared with iyzico. If the User does not exercise their termination right regarding the Framework Agreement within 30 (thirty) days from the date of learning about the change, they will be deemed to have accepted the change. If a different period is specified within the scope of the legislation regarding termination conditions related to the change, the period specified within the legislation will be applied. The User will inform iyzico in writing of any changes to their contact information. Otherwise, the notifications made by iyzico to the User's existing contact information will be considered valid.

    The Parties may terminate the Framework Agreement at any time without stating any reasons by submitting a written notification at least 1 (one) month in advance. If one of the Parties breaches its contractual obligations and fails to rectify the breach within 1 (one) week despite a written request from the other Party for the rectification of the breach, the Party making the written request may terminate the Framework Agreement immediately and without paying any compensation by sending a written notification.

    Fair and transparent pricing is essential for the services provided. In this context, you can access the pricing details for the services provided by iyzico at https://www.iyzico.com/kendim-icin/kullanici-sozlesmesi/ucret-bilgilendirme-listesi.
    If not specifically requested in writing by the User, fees, discounts, deductions, transaction fees, account maintenance fees, commissions, loyalty points, and similar breakdowns related to iyzico services will be presented to the User electronically in a separate statement.

    4- Refunds for Incorrect and Unauthorized Transactions

    The User may request the correction of unauthorized or incorrect transactions by immediately notifying iyzico within 13 (thirteen) months following the completion of the payment transaction. If iyzico deems the User's request appropriate, the amount of the relevant transaction will be refunded directly to the User without being transferred to the recipient of the payment transaction. If the payment transaction amount has already been transferred to the recipient at the time of notification, iyzico will request a refund from the recipient for the corresponding amount and ensure that the refunded amount is transferred to the User.

    5- Reporting and Resolution of Complaints

    The User may submit complaints regarding the services provided by iyzico to iyzico, providing their full name and user number associated with the iyzico Account, in the following manner:
    Users may submit written applications to iyzico within a maximum of 2 (two) years from the date of the disputed transaction or action, regarding disputes arising from the services provided by iyzico and not falling within the scope of commercial activities (thus having an individual nature). If the application is not responded to within 20 (twenty) days from the application date, or if the response is considered unsatisfactory by the User, the User has the right to apply to the Individual Customer Arbitration Committee of the Turkish Payment and Electronic Money Institutions Association ("TÖDEB") within 60 (sixty) days from the response date, in accordance with the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Regarding the TÖDEB Individual Customer Arbitration Committee, via the application form available on the website https://todeb.org.tr/hakemheyetibasvuruformu/.
    The User retains the right to apply to the Provincial/District Consumer Arbitration Committees for their complaints regarding the services provided by iyzico.

    6- Points to Be Aware Of

    The internet, by its nature, operates on a vast structure, exposing users to risks such as fraud, scams, computer virus infections, unauthorized access, theft of passwords and personal information. At iyzico, we take all possible measures afforded by technology to minimize these risks.

    As a conscious internet user, being informed about the following issues and taking necessary precautions will help you utilize all transactions and services on the internet, including those provided by iyzico, more securely:

    • When accessing iyzico's website or being redirected to iyzico for payment during a transaction, the appearance of a padlock symbol in your internet browser's address bar indicates that you can safely use our site.
    • Do not trust links provided in other websites or emails that require you to click on the link. Do not use these links to access information.
    • iyzico never asks for customer passwords, requests personal information, or asks for updates via email.
    • Receipts for transactions can be obtained through the Mobile Application.
    • iyzico never requests your card information via phone, SMS, email, etc.

    iyzico delivers special announcements, warnings and similar notifications to the User via Mobile Application notification, SMS or e-mail. The User should not rely on information obtained outside of these channels.

    The User acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that this form is an integral and inseparable part of the Framework Agreement, and that it has been notified to them that this form and the Framework Agreement can also be accessed through iyzico's website (www.iyzico.com), and that the contract terms can be reviewed upon request. The User confirms that they have carefully read and understood the Framework Agreement, and accepts that the Framework Agreement will be concluded between the Parties through a distance communication tool, and agrees to its terms.

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