What is iyzico?

iyzico is a payment collection management platform designed to be efficient and fast. It is the shortened version of the phrase "Easy Check Out" which means "Easy Payment" in Turkish, the spelling is also adapted version of phrase in Turkish, as the name suggests iyzico creates a world completely focused to ensure simplicity in payment services.

Integrating Iyzico saves you from infrastructure investments, tests and burden of security concerns. What you need to do is to register in the iyzico platform and deploy the software code on your website to receive payments; it is as easy as that. Moreover, you don't have to pay any subscription or installation fee for this.

What is Virtual POS and how can I get one?

Virtual POS can be seen as the virtual counterpart of a physical POS device. Virtual POS is software that allows merchants to send and receive payments in online transactions.

Online shopping sites launched to get a share of the easy and lucrative world of e-commerce must deploy virtual POS payment services in order to operate.

One might think that virtual POS services needed for e-commerce websites can only be obtained from the banks. However, you should be aware that obtaining virtual POS services rendered by banks may not be as easy and cost effective as you might think.

To summarize what possible developments can be expected when you try to get the virtual POS services provided by the bank; first of all, at the end of the long waiting period, which you submitted pages of all kinds of documents the bank should be approving your application for a virtual POS service. If everything goes well and your application is accepted by the bank, you will have to integrate virtual POS application provided by the bank with the software code and membership information into your e-commerce website. It would be quite useful to seek support from a software company to conduct this complex process. After that long and painstaking work, you can obtain and deploy the virtual POS application and start receiving amounts for single payment transactions made using debit cards or credit cards. However, things will get a lot more complicated if you plan to offer split payment options for credit cards issued by banks other than the bank you obtained the virtual POS services. Because to enable such transactions you will have to apply each of the banks which you want to extend your split payment facilities separately and go through the entire process over and over again. All these procedures will cost you quite a long time as well as other costs beyond your initial estimates.

How iyzico can make your life easier when you need virtual POS?

iyzico enables you to deploy a virtual POS on your e-commerce website without any trouble. And it is fast, simple and secure. Instead of trying to make agreements with each of the banks individually for the online shopping site you have launched/you plan to launch, you can step into the simple yet effective world of iyzico and concentrate all your energy on your business which will take you a step further from your competitors in e-commerce. You can sign up with iyzico easily, and after your application is completed you will be able to easily integrate virtual POS into your website with the specific software code delivered to you.

iyzico simplifies the entire process considerably by providing guidance along the steps of the integration process. After the deployment, a test is carried out, your virtual POS becomes operational, you can start getting actual payments within 48 hours. Setting up your virtual POS which enables you to operate with all of Turkey's largest Visa and Mastercard credit card issuing banks is as simple as that. Moreover, you don't have to pay a dime for all these steps. Unlike banks imposing high fees, commissions or charging additional fees iyzico simply charges 2.50% commission on transactions and TL 0.25 as transaction fee. By offering the simplest solutions for quick start to e-commerce iyzico makes your life easier, helping you avoid all the setbacks that you may encounter in deploying an operational payment service.

How data security is ensure on iyzico?

iyzico has been accredited with the world's highest level of data security standard PCI (Payment Card Industry) - DSS (Data Security Standard). Thanks to the PCI-DSS certified services, iyzico ensures the needs for data security from the get go.

If you use the iyzico platform, thanks to the smart chip solution of iyzico APIs, you will be able to provide maximum level of secure service to your customers with a PCI-DSS certified infrastructure, without having to obtain the PCI certification yourself.

What is PCI-DSS?

PCI data security standards is a structure issued by a council involving members such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover Services in order to ensure the security of cardholders and the cards in online shopping.

PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a key issue for us. Therefore, we hold highest grade PC Service Providers certificates approved by PCI. This is how we guarantee the maximum level of security for our users.

What is transaction fee and commission rate?

Commission rate applicable for successful transactions on your website is 2.65% and the transaction fee is 0.25 TL. BSMV (Bank Insurance Treatment Tax) is included in the pricing.

Is there an initial registration fee or periodic fees that I have to pay?

There is no initial registration fee or periodic fees you have to pay for using iyzico.

Will I be required to pay any fees except commissions and transaction fees?

In case a chargeback claim is filed by the bank against your company, TL 35.00 per case will be applied on your account. For more information chargeback please click on.

In addition, BSMV will be charged on top of the bank transfer fees, commission amounts, transaction fees and the chargeback amount (if applicable) stated above.

What is the split payment?

With Bonus, World, Maximum, CardFinans, Paraf ve Axess featured credit card, split payment is an option offered to the credit card holder through a special agreement between the bank and the merchant, in which the bank enables the customer to make the payment in installments. The payment deadlines, the additional costs that occur as a result of the financing entirely depends on the agreement between the bank and the merchant.

If you want to allow split payments on your e-commerce website you have to negotiate with each of the banks and require virtual POS for each of them individually. Banks often decline virtual POS demands of small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you use iyzico, you will be able to enjoy the Virtual POS services of Turkey's most widely used banks actively on your website all at the same time and you will be able to receive split payments made with credit cards issued by these banks.

Which credit cards can I get split payments for?

Currently iyzico enables the merchants to get split payments with the credit cards issued by Bonus, World, Maximum, CardFinans and Paraf. Axess will soon be included in the list of split payments enable credit cards. So, all credit cards issued by 6 banks will be enabled to make split payments.

Will the transfer of the amounts of split payments be split as well?

At iyzico the full amount of the transaction less the commission charged on the sales price of the product will be deposited, regardless the transaction is made through a split payment.

What is the commission rate to be applied on split payments?

For each successful transaction iyzico charges 2.50% commission on transactions and TL 0.25 as transaction fee. Each bank applies its own interest rates for transactions made in split payments. You can offer promotional advantages to your customers by taking on whole of part of the interest charges in split payments.

Can I accept split payments with no interest markup?

Yes, you can. It is entirely up to your whether you forward the interest to your customer or taken on the same.

You can offer promotional advantages to your customers by taking on whole of part of the interest charges in split payments by making changes on the Split Payment Rates section on the iyzico control panel.

I can't find the Split Payment Rates section on the iyzico control panel. Why is that?

To use this feature you must notify us using the Contact Us section when your website is first activated. When your notice is received, necessary arrangements will be done and Split Payment Rates feature will be activated for you to use.

How should I calculate the commission that I have to pay to iyzico, if I decide to take on the interest rate difference for split payments?

For each successful transaction iyzico charges 2.50% commission on transactions and TL 0.25 as transaction fee. Each bank applies its own interest rates for transactions made in split payments.

If want to apply the same price for split payments with no interest charged on your customer, you need to calculate the deductions as in the following example.

For example; assume the interest that the bank applies for 2 installment split payment is 2%. If you want to offer the same price with no interest charged on your customer in the 2 installment payment plan granted by the bank, you will have to calculate the total deductions as 2.5% commission + 2% interest rate + TL 0.25 transaction fee.

Can I change split payment rates and restore the original values?

Yes. You will always be in control of the changes. You can make changes on the split payment rates and take back the changes any time you desire using the iyzico control panel.

When I make changes in the split payment rates, how long will it take the new rates to be effective?

The changes you made/you will make on the split payment rates take effect on the payment form on your website instantly. Therefore, you are reminded to be careful in your calculations/checks when using the respective section.

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