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  • What is the iyziPOS product?

    The iyzipos product provides payment infrastructure for e-commerce websites. There are two ways to start receiving payments with the iyzipos product that allows you to offer installments for all cards with one contract: API integration and ready payment form. You can start offering installments and using features like hiding cards by using either method.

    You can accept payments from anywhere in the world with different currencies. On top of the Virtual POS’ iyziglobe provides, it allows you to receive payments from abroad in different currencies with alternative payment methods as well.

  • What are the features of the iyzipos product?

    The iyzipos product covers all the solutions and features listed under general information.

  • Which currencies does the iyziPOS product support?

    - American Dollars (USD)
    - European Currency (EUR)
    - British Pound (GBP)
    - Russian Ruble (RUB)
    - Norwegian Krone (NOK)
    - Swiss Frank (CHF)