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  • Will there be a contract between us and iyzico?

    A contract needs to be signed between iyzico and your company upon the completion of your application process.

  • Where can I view the contracts?

    You can view your contracts on the “Application” section of your iyzico Control Panel. When your application is accepted, the relevant team will send you an information e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

  • How will I accept the contracts?

    iyzico has started “Digital Contract” era to facilitate user processes. In this regard, your application process will be significantly shortened since you will not need to send the signed contract to us.

    Your contracts will be sent to your e-mail address upon the completion of your application process. The only thing you need to do is to approve the contracts which can be viewed under the “Application” section of your iyzico Control Panel and then click to “Accept Contract” link.

  • Will it be acceptable to send the contracts to you after scanning and signing them?

    Unfortunately, due to our Digital Contract system we don’t accept physically mailed contracts. To complete your application, you will need to accept the contracts via the “Accept Contracts” link on your iyzico Control Panel.

  • There are articles in my contracts that I require to be amended. What should I do?

    iyzico is a platform of certain standards for the service it provides. One of these standards are its contracts. The content of the contracts doesn’t vary according to firms. Therefore, it is not possible to omit or amend any articles included in the contracts.

  • Can I take payments in foreign currencies?

    Thanks to iyzico Multi Currency feature, you can take payments from anywhere in the world in US Dollars, Euros, Great British Sterling, Russian Ruble, Swiss Francs and Norwegian Krone currencies as well as in Turkish Liras through Visa and Mastercard branded cards. The payments you take in foreign currencies are exchanged into Turkish Liras based on the Central Bank exchange rate of the payment date and are transferred to your account in Turkish Liras with the exchange transaction fee deducted on the payment date. You can start getting paid in other currencies just for an annual fee of 99 TL which you can add through the “Additions” section of your iyzico Control Panel.

  • Can I use the Link Method when I apply for Get Paid Online?

    Yes, after you choose the Link product through the section “Additions” on your iyzico Control Panel, you can accept the contract that will pop-up and start using our Link Method free of charge.

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