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  • Will there be an agreement made with iyzico?

    At the end of the application process, it is required to sign an agreement between your company and iyzico.

  • How can I preview the agreement?

    At iyzico there is a Virtual POS Terms of Use Agreement. Once your application is qualified, the respective team will send this agreement to your email address registered on the platform.

  • How can I execute the agreements?

    As innovation driven enterprise iyzico has launched the digital agreement facility to provide convenience to our users. This will enable you to execute the agreement digitally without having to submit the signed copy using a courier which in turn ensures a shorter application process.

    After completing application process, information about agreement will be delivered to your e- mail. By login to your control panel, check your agreement which is under the "application" button and then click on "accept agreement".

  • Can I sign the agreements, scan the signed agreements and send them back via e-mail?

    Unfortunately, the application is made by this methods is not accepted. It is necessary to confirm your agreement by clicking on "Accept agreements" link at iyzico control panel.

  • What should I do if there are clauses in the Agreements that I wanted to be changed?

    iyzico is a platform operating at certain standards for the services it renders. Agreements are part of these standards. The text of the agreement can not vary individually for each company. Therefore, it is not possible to exclude or replace the clauses to the agreements.