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  • What is cancellation?

    The payment received by iyzico can be cancelled before the end of the day with respect to bank regulations. The differences of the cancellation from refund is that cancellation can be performed in the same day with the payment and does not cause any input- output in your credit card receipt.

  • How can I cancel and refund?

    You can list your all performig from performs menu at iyzico control panel.

    After you find out perfom you want to either cancel or refund, in order to cancel payment it is enough to click cancel button at the right hand side of the screen. When you cancel the payment, whole aount will be refunded to costums credit card. Hence, cancellation should be the same day as payment. Otherwise, cancel bottom would be invisiable.

    It is enough to go to refraction details and cancel bottom at the right of screen to cancel payment. You can complete your cancellation by specify some amount of payment at the cancel page.

  • What is cost of refunds for me?

    Refunds made after the transaction will be accepted with no deduction on payments.

  • How long will it take refunds to be credited to the customer's card?

    Refund transactions are carried out online. Therefore, when you click the "Refund Payment" button refunding will be made automatically. The actual time the refund is credited on your customer's account may vary from 1 to 3 business days depending on the process employed by the bank.

  • My customer reported the refund is not credited. What should I do?

    By requesting the details of the refund from your bank, you can provide detailed information to your customer about the issue.

  • How am I going to make refunds to my customers?

    When you click the respective transaction on the "Transactions " section on the iyzico Control Panel, "Refund Payment" button will be displayed. Clicking on this button will suffice to perform a refunding.

    We would like to remind that the process is not revocable after clicking the "Refund Payment" button, as refunding is performed online.