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  • What are the application requirements?

    To start your application process please click on Register. In order to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, please note the following:

    -Your website should be ready to use.

    -Your contact information, your shopping basket, details and prices of the products or services you are offering must be specified.

    --Your website should have detailed contents including Privacy Policy, Refund/Return Policy, Distance-Selling Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, Competent Jurisdiction, and Delivery Policy. 

    -Your checkout page must have an SSL certificate.

    -You must bear relevant certifications and licenses issued by competent authorities regarding the sales activities of the product you offer.

    -Visa and Mastercard logos should be placed on your website. You can check our Press Center for the logos.

  • Which types of businesses are not qualified for our application process?

    Products or services in the following categories in the below list of are not qualified: Gambling sites,

    Political sites,

    Sites selling replicas or counterfeit products,

    Betting sites,

    Shock sites,

    Debt collection businesses,

    Sale of cigarettes & tobacco products,

    Sites selling accessories to use and facilitate the use of cigarettes & other tobacco products,

    Sales of savings equipment,

    Sites offering sexual content,

    Erotic services,

    Pornographic products,

    Businesses providing consultancy services,

    Auction sites,

    Sales of prescription and over-the-counter drugs,

    Enterprises conducting marketing operations via call centers,

    Sites rendering services using a network marketing model,

    Sites offering forex services,

    Sites selling accessories to use and facilitate the use of any kind of drugs.

  • What are the documents required?

    During your application, you will need to upload the following documents on your online account. - List of authorized signatories,
    - Tax registration certificate,
    - Copies of IDs of company shareholders,
    - Bank account note issued to You / your company.

  • Can I use iyzico without a company owner?

    Everyone can use iyziLink, but iyziPOS and iyziBazaar can provide services to only company owners.

  • I own a private unlimited company, can I use iyzico?

    You can use iyzico, by submitting information and documents of your private unlimited company.

  • Why a bank account note is required?

    A bank account note listed among the required documents is to confirm that the bank account you defined on the platform is correct. Uploading a sample of a receipt for any transaction carried out on your account will suffice. The copy of your bank book is also acceptable instead of a receipt sample. On the sample you should be careful to ensure the holder of the back account and the IBAN account numbers are clearly visible.

  • Can I use iyzico through someone else's company information?

    To use iyzico services the name of the person or company on the tax registration certificate must match the holder of the bank account where the payments will be deposited to. If the name appearing on the information and the tax registration certificate does not match the payment can no be transferred to the bank account.

  • Will there be an agreement made with iyzico?

    At the end of the application process, it is required to sign an agreement between your company and iyzico.

  • How can I preview the agreement?

    At iyzico there is a Virtual POS Terms of Use Agreement. Once your application is qualified, the respective team will send this agreement to your email address registered on the platform.

  • How can I execute the agreements?

    As innovation driven enterprise iyzico has launched the digital agreement facility to provide convenience to our users. This will enable you to execute the agreement digitally without having to submit the signed copy using a courier which in turn ensures a shorter application process.

    After completing application process, information about agreement will be delivered to your e- mail. By login to your control panel, check your agreement which is under the "application" button and then click on "accept agreement".

  • Can I sign the agreements, scan the signed agreements and send them back via e-mail?

    Unfortunately, the application is made by this methods is not accepted. It is necessary to confirm your agreement by clicking on "Accept agreements" link at iyzico control panel.

  • What should I do if there are clauses in the Agreements that I wanted to be changed?

    iyzico is a platform operating at certain standards for the services it renders. Agreements are part of these standards. The text of the agreement can not vary individually for each company. Therefore, it is not possible to exclude or replace the clauses to the agreements.

  • How do I apply?

    First, you have to create an account on iyzico.

    After that, when you login to iyzico using your registered email address, you will see the "File an Application" button on the left side of your Control Panel. By clicking this button, you can access the application form. On the form you access by clicking the "File an Application" button you will be asked to register your information and documents. For Required Documents section at the bottom of this form you will need to scan and save your documents and upload the saved documents online.

    After filling in the respective fields on the form check the "I agree to iyzico the Terms of Service" box at the bottom of the page and click the "Complete Application" button to submit your application.

  • Do I need to ship the hard copies of documents to you?

    No. Uploading your documents will suffice for your registration.

  • I cannot upload my documents; the page prompts an error message. What should I do?

    You may be experiencing problems caused by the size of your document or file extension. We recommend that you try to upload your documents using PDF or JPEG file extensions. In case the problems persist, you can send your documents to [email protected] e-mail address. In such a case, the iyzico Team will upload your document to your account and inform you.

  • Do I need to report to you additionally after filing my application?

    No, you don't need to send us an extra message. Once you fill in the application form, upload your information and documents your application is automatically displayed on the screens of our team. Our team will start checking your information and documents and managing your application process in communication with you.

  • How long will it take to get feedback on the outcome of by application result?

    Once you completed your application, the iyzico Team will contact you via your e-mail address registered on the platform within 24 hours and start managing your application process in communication with you. There is nothing you are required to do until our team contacts you.

    Note: Our office hours are 09:00-21:00 weekdays while office hours on Saturday are 10.00- 17.00. Applications made on Sundays, will be answered on Mondays from 09:00 to 12: 00.