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  • What is chargeback?

    Credit card holders have the right to object to purchases made using their credit cards without their knowing. This objection is first made by the cardholder to the bank to which the card belongs. The bank forwards this request to the bank of the company through which the transaction was made. The relevant bank demands the details of this transaction. If the details provided are not sufficient and the credit card holder is justified, the amount in question is collected from the relevant business and transferred to the bank to which the credit card belongs.
    This operation is called “chargeback”. It is also known as “payback” among users. Banks must comply with the rules of card organizations in all these transactions.
    The procedure applied is not specific to certain banks or only Turkish banks. The objection method is the same everywhere where regulations of card organizations apply. So the way in which chargeback is made does not change for purchases made using local and non-national credit cards. At iyzico, we contact you or the customer and try to find solutions in a few weeks after examining all these procedures in depth. We are obliged to charge you if the problem has not been solved within 14 days for the amount and research expenses.

  • How much does chargeback investigation cost?

    The cost to be paid if you would like us to investigate a chargeback you have received is 35 TL (not including BSMV).

  • How does the chargeback procedure work?

    For chargeback transactions, the procedure followed generally is as below:
    - Cardholder forwards their objection to the bank to which their card belongs.
    - The bank forwards this objection to the business’ bank.
    - The business’ bank reports the relevant objection to the business and requests documents regarding the transaction.
    - The business forwards the required documents to the bank.
    - If there are no documents sent or if the documents sent are not considered sufficient by the bank, the amount to which the customer objected is deducted from the business’ bank account and is returned to the bank to which the card belongs.
    - If the documents are considered sufficient, they are forwarded to the bank by the cardholder and the objection is refused. The business does not have to return the relevant amount.

  • Which documents are valid for chargeback?

    Valid documents may differ depending on the reasons of objection. The most valid document is the cargo company’s delivery document signed by the customer. The most important thing here is that the document must be signed by the person who has made the purchase. The bank will not accept documents signed by other people.
    The result of the objection procedure will be designated by the business and card owning banks once the documents are forwarded to the bank.

  • How should the return be made in chargeback cases?

    Cancellation and returns must be made to the card used for the purchase. They should not be made to another card, name or bank account using EFT or money transfer because of the user’s request.

  • What causes chargeback?

    In order to decrease the rate of fraud with fraud control to minimum, attention must be paid to the points listed below:
    - Trying the same transaction again using the same or a different credit card when the first trial was unsuccessful,
    - Meaningless and free e-mail addresses,
    - Multiple payment trials in small amounts by the same credit card in a short time period,
    - Receiving a stolen – lost card notification for a card used for payment,
    - Payment trials by different credit cards in a short time period from the same IP address,
    - Trying to make a payment with a card that has previously been prohibited on the platform,
    - Using the same credit card from a different IP address within 30 days,
    - Three transactions from the same IP address in the same day,
    - Trying to pay with the same credit card using different deadline dates,
    - Trying to make different transactions using one credit card from different IP addresses.

  • Can I use the 3D Secure system?

    iyzico requires the 3D Secure System for some business models it deems risky. However, if you wish to use this system even if it is not required for your company, you may inform our team through Contact Us and our team will help you as soon as possible.

  • Where can I find more information about the chargeback process?

    iyzibazaar merchants can find the handbook explaining our practices about their chargeback requests here.

    iyzipos merchants can find the handbook explaining our practices about their chargeback requests here.