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  • What is chargeback?

    Card owners have the right to challenge transactions made by their cards without their consent. Such complaint is first filed by the card owner to the issuer bank and the bank demands detailed information with regards to claimed transaction from the merchant. In case the card owner was deemed to be right, issuing bank terminates the process by claiming the amount subject to disputed transaction from the business and refunding it to the card owner’s account. This transaction is called chargeback. It is also known as “refunds” among users.

    Banks need to abide by the rules set by the card organizations in such transactions. This procedure is not valid only for certain banks or solely for Turkish banks. The challenge procedure is the same in everywhere where card organizations’ rules are valid. This means that chargeback form doesn’t change in domestic transactions or card transactions made abroad. As iyzico, we investigate these processes diligently and contact the merchant and/or the customer and solve such issues in a couple of weeks.

  • How does Chargeback procedure work?

    The following procedure is generally applied in chargeback transactions:

    - Card owner passes his/her dispute to the issuer bank.
    - The issuer bank transfers the dispute to the merchant’s bank.
    - Merchant’s bank will pass this complaint to the merchant and demand documents with regards to the transaction subject to the dispute.
    - Merchant will send the related documents to the bank.
    - If the merchant fails to send any documents within the given period or the documents sent are insufficient, the disputed amount will be withdrawn from the merchant’s account and refunded to the bank of the card owner.
    - If the sent documents are deemed to be sufficient, they will be sent to the bank of the card owner and the dispute will be rejected. The merchant will not have to refund the relevant amount.

  • Which documents are valid in Chargebacks?

    Documents to be valid in such situations will vary according to the reason of the dispute. The document that is most valid is the delivery document of the shipment company signed by the transaction owner. What is important here is the signature belongs to the transaction owner. Documents signed by different people will not be considered as valid by the bank. After the documents are passed on to the bank, the result of the dispute procedure will be determined by the merchant and bank owning the card.

  • How will refunds be processed if the transaction is subject to a chargeback?

    Cancellations/refunds should be made to the card through which the relevant transaction was made. They shouldn’t be made to a different card, name or a bank account as an EFT/money deposit based on user request.

  • What are the factors that increase Chargeback risks?

    The following factors should be taken into account to minimize the fraud rates through fraud control:

    - Repeated trials for transactions with same or different cards despite the trials were unsuccessful.
    - Use of meaningless and free e-mail addresses.
    - Multiple trials for payments of low amounts with the same card within a short period of time.
    - Stolen or lost card warning issued by the bank with regards to the card used in payment.
    - Trials for payments with different cards through the same IP address within a short period of time.
    - Attempts for payment by a card previously banned on the platform.
    - Use of the same card from a different IP address within 30 days.
    - More than three transactions made within the same day through the same IP address.
    - Attempts for payments through using the same card by changing its valid to dates,
    - Attempts for transactions from different IP addresses through the use of a single card.

  • Can I use 3D Secure System?

    iyzico requires 3D Secure option for some business models it deems as risky. However, if you would like to use 3D Secure without the obligation for your firm, you contact us from Contact Us section. Our team will get back to on your request as soon as possible.

    Furthermore, you can ensure that transactions above a certain limit set by you could processed under 3D Secure by selecting the "Amount Based 3DS" from the iyzico Control Panel.

  • Where can I get more information on chargebacks?

    You can reach the guidebook regarding our practices with regards to dealing with chargeback requests for our Marketplace merchants here.

    You can reach the guidebook regarding our practices with regards to dealing with chargeback demands for our iyzico Get Paid Online merchants here.

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