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As iyzico, we stand by our business partner Ahbap with all our support to meet the needs of our citizens affected by the earthquake. You can support Ahbap with the assurance of iyzico.


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  • What is a suspicious transaction?

    "iyzico Fraud System" scores future payments by taking past payments into account. Taking this score into account, iyzico classifies transactions made through your site and automatically accepts, rejects or categorizes the payment as suspicious.

  • How can I identify a suspicious transaction?

    You can look for the following to identify a transaction as suspicious;

    - Check “Suspicious Transactions” section of the iyzico Control Panel,
    - An e-mail to be sent by the system to your registered e-mail address,
    - Return of the payment request within the “fraud_status” parameter,
    - Through IFN (iyzico Fraud Notification Service)

    If a payment made through your website has suspicious transaction status, you should never deliver this product/service without receiving an automatic or manual clearance/information e-mail from us.

    *If you suspect a transaction made through your website for any reason, feel free to reach out to us anytime.
    *To get information on IFN, you can contact iyzico Integration Team.

  • How can I learn the outcome of a transaction with suspicious transaction status?

    A transaction under suspicious transaction status can be automatically accepted or rejected after being checked by iyzico. iyzico will inform you as below when it deals with a transaction under suspicious transaction status:

    - An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail account by the system stating whether the transaction is accepted or rejected,

    - Information will be given through a callback URL which you will define in the system through IFN (iyzico Fraud Notification Service). To get information on IFN, you can contact iyzico Integration Team.

  • Who can benefit from Fraud Service Solution?

    It is possible to prevent fraud and scamming in e-commerce is possible by iyzico’s AI based fraud solution developed by iyzico engineers. All e-commerce merchants working with iyzico can benefit from this solution free of charge.

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