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  • What is suspicious transaction?

    The “iyzico Fraud System” denotes a score for future payments based on previous payments. Transactions made through your website may automatically be approved, denied or assigned a suspicious transaction status and be checked by iyzico depending on this score.

  • How can I tell if a transaction is suspicious?

    You can tell if a transaction is suspicious;

    - By checking the “Suspicious Transactions” section found on your iyzico Control Panel,
    - From the automatic mail sent to your registered e-mail address by the system,
    - If the payment request falls in the fraud_status parameter,
    - Through IFN (iyzico Fraud Notification).

    Unless you receive an automatic or manual approval / notice mail from us, delivery must not be done if a payment done through your website is in suspicious transaction status.

    *You can contact us at any time if you suspect a transaction made through your website for any reason.
    *For information regarding IFN, please contact our Integration Team.

  • How can I check the result of a suspicious transaction?

    A transaction with suspicious status is either approved or denied once checked by iyzico. iyzico will notify you in the ways explained below when it takes an action regarding a transaction in suspicious status:

    - An e-mail specifying if the process is approved or refused is sent to your registered e-mail address by the system,
    - Through a callback URL you will define on the system by IFN (iyzico Fraud Notification Service). You can contact our Integration Team for information regarding IGN).

  • Who can use the Fraud Service Solution?

    Preventing fraud in e-commerce is possible through the Fraud Control Solution. All e-commerce companies using iyzico may benefit from this solution (without any extra charges).