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  • When will iyzico carry out the payout of the successful transactions on your online shop?

    The sum of the successful transactions made between Wednesdays and the following Tuesdays will be paid into your account in the first Wednesday 21 days after the transaction is processed.

    The first payment will be settled according to the blockage period and you can view this on the Merchant Panel settings (https://merchant.iyzipay.com/settings). After the first payout for your account, following payments will be made in fixed intervals in line with your money transfer periods.

    *Payout of the successful transactions can vary according to the business model in line with the contract terms.

  • How can I check my payouts?

    You can check the payouts for your online shop on the "Transactions" section on your iyzico Control Panel.

  • After I integrate iyzico to my online shop, at what intervals will the payouts be transferred to my account?

    When calculating the payout periods, please take the following into consideration.

    -Transactions are calculated weekly at iyzico.
    -Transactions made from Wednesday 00:00 until Tuesday 23:59 represent the weekly payout.
    -Weekly payouts will be made to your account after 3 weeks.
    -If you have a business model that make regular weekly transactions, you can receive your payments weekly. However, these payout won’t cover your last 3 weeks. For instance,

    You can receive your first week’s payout on the 4th week,
    Your second week’s payout on the 5th week,
    Your third week’s payout on the 6th week.

  • What is blockage period?

    Blockage period means the waiting period for the payout to your accounts after the successful completion of payments from your customers.

  • What is the payout period?

    Payout period determines the frequency of money transfer of the successful payments on your online shop to your accounts.

  • What’s the reason for blockage period?

    The most important reason for the blockage period is the Chargeback risk which is frequent in e-commerce. Furthermore, the criteria of by the banks we work with is also one of the reasons why we have to work with blockage period. Therefore, we apply various reporting criteria at 3-week period intervals and make payments according to this period. Your blockage period can be shortened by a review of your transaction volume and the products by iyzico.

  • Will I know the payout amount that will be made to me?

    You can track the sum of the payments and refunds and its detailed reports daily through the iyzico Control Panel right a day after the transactions are completed.

  • Where can I check my transactions?

    You can generate the detailed transaction report for the time period you set and download it via the "Transaction Report" tab.

  • What is a transaction cancellation?

    A payment made via iyzico can be cancelled within the same day (without taking the end of day report) in line with the banking rules. The difference of a cancellation transaction from a refund is that the cancellation can be made within the same day as the payment and it is not reflected as in -and -out payments on the card statements.

  • How am I going to make cancellations and refunds?

    You can list all your transactions by using the transactions menu on the iyzico Control Panel.

    It is sufficient to click on the “Cancel” button placed on the far right of the screen after you find the transaction you would like to refund or cancel from the list. When you cancel the payment, the full amount will be refunded to the user’s card. However, any cancellation transaction should be made within the same day of the payment. If not, "Cancel" button will not appear on the screen.

    For refunds, it is sufficient to click on the "Refund" button placed on the far right of the screen after clicking on the breakdown of transaction. On the refunds screen, you can complete your refund by stating a certain amount of the relevant transaction.

  • Do we have to pay an additional fee for refund requests?

    All refunds made after completed transactions are regarded as cancellation. There will be no additional fees that will be deducted when the refund is made.

  • When the refunds will be made to my customer’s card?

    Refunds are completed online. Therefore, when you click "Refund the Payment" button, the payment will be automatically refunded. Refunded transactions will be reflected in the card accounts within 1-3 working days for payments made by credit cards and within 7-14 days for payments made by debit cards.

  • How am I going to refund the amount to my customer?

    When you click on the payment’s details under the “Transactions” section on the iyzico Control Panel, you will see a “Refund Payment” button. By clicking this button, you can complete your refund transactions.

    Once you confirm refund by clicking this button, please note that this action cannot be undone.

  • How will you be invoicing?

    You don’t need to make out invoices to iyzico. Invoicing process for successful transactions made on your website by using iyzico will be as follows;

    For the total amount that your customer paid, you must make out a paid invoice with the name of the customer and sent it with the product/service you sold to your customer.

    When the payout is being carried out to your account by iyzico, there will be invoices made to your company for commission and term difference rates and these invoices will be sent to you periodically.

    As iyzico provides you with a payment infrastructure you can register these commission/service invoices as service charges.

  • I haven’t received my invoices. What should I do?

    If you have not received your commission invoice, you can request by contacting us as at.

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