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  • What are the application requirements?

    To start your application process please click on Register. In order to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, please note the following:

    -Your website should be ready to use.

    -Your contact information, your shopping basket, details and prices of the products or services you are offering must be specified.

    --Your website should have detailed contents including Privacy Policy, Refund/Return Policy, Distance-Selling Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, Competent Jurisdiction, and Delivery Policy. 

    -Your checkout page must have an SSL certificate.

    -You must bear relevant certifications and licenses issued by competent authorities regarding the sales activities of the product you offer.

    -Visa and Mastercard logos should be placed on your website. You can check our Press Center for the logos.

  • Which types of businesses are not qualified for our application process?

    Products or services in the following categories in the below list of are not qualified: Gambling sites,

    Political sites,

    Sites selling replicas or counterfeit products,

    Betting sites,

    Shock sites,

    Debt collection businesses,

    Sale of cigarettes & tobacco products,

    Sites selling accessories to use and facilitate the use of cigarettes & other tobacco products,

    Sales of savings equipment,

    Sites offering sexual content,

    Erotic services,

    Pornographic products,

    Businesses providing consultancy services,

    Auction sites,

    Sales of prescription and over-the-counter drugs,

    Enterprises conducting marketing operations via call centers,

    Sites rendering services using a network marketing model,

    Sites offering forex services,

    Sites selling accessories to use and facilitate the use of any kind of drugs.