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  • What are application requirements?

    By clicking the “Sign Up” button, you can start your membership process immediately. It is very important that you pay attention to the details below to conclude your application faster and easier.

    - Your website must be ready to use with your products and pricing information.
    - Your website must have the following pages- Privacy Policy, Distance Selling Contract, Delivery and Returns Policy, About, and Contact.
    - Your payment page must have SSL certificate.
    - You must have all relevant licenses and documents granted by the relevant authorities for the products you sell.
    - Your websites need to have Pay with iyzico, Visa and Mastercard logos. You can download the logo package here.

  • Which business models are excluded from evaluation?

    Product or service categories listed below will not be considered for evaluation.

    -Gambling and betting websites
    -Websites with political content
    -Websites selling replicated or counterfeit products
    -Websites with violent content
    -Business models which involve collecting invoices
    -Websites selling cigarettes or tobacco products
    -Websites selling cigarettes, tobacco products or websites which facilitate selling thereof
    -Sale of power saver devices
    -Websites with sexual content
    -Services of erotic nature
    -Websites selling pornographic products
    -Business models which provide consultancy services
    -Auction websites
    -Websites selling prescription and/or non-prescription drugs
    -Telesales businesses
    -Websites operating with networking marketing model
    -Websites providing Forex services
    -Websites selling drugs or selling products that facilitate drugs use.

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