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  • What is an open source infrastructure?

    Open source software gaining popularity every day is software source code which can be freely shared, modified by everyone. Open source software which can simplified, strengthened, sophisticated based on the needs offer alternative solutions to consumers in every field, competing with big software companies. Systems like PrestaShop, Magento, Opencart and WooCommerce are considered to be largest open-source e-commerce infrastructures in the world.

  • Which open source infrastructures are supported by iyzico?

    iyzico offers special modules developed by its own team free of charge for major open source e-commerce systems including PrestaShop, Magento, Opencart and WooCommerce.

    For a list of open source infrastructure service which iyzico offers free of charge module s developed by its team please click on the following link.

    Open Source Infrastructures

  • The iyzico module is not compatible with the release of the open source infrastructure I use on my e-commerce website. What should I do?

    Every day new versions/updates of e-commerce infrastructures are released. If the release of open source infrastructure you are using is not compatible with the iyzico module, you can request support by sending a message to iyzico Integration Team. Our team will employ every capability that they have to help you.

  • You seem to have no solution for the open source infrastructure I am using. What should I do?

    If there is no iyzico module compatible with the open-source infrastructure that you are using, you can send a message using the Contact Us section, to submit a request for development. Once your message is received, our team will consider your request.