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  • How can I check my transactions?

    You need to login as a member to the iyzico website and then you can manage your account statement, transaction details, refunds, and instalment rates by using the control panel.

  • What is 3D Secure?

    3D Secure is a security system developed by Visa and Mastercard to ensure that purchases made online are safer. 3D Secure obligates to enter the security code sent to your mobile phone to complete the transaction and this way, if your card details are stolen, the system ensures you are safe online.

    For Visa credit cards the system is named as “Verified as Visa” and for Mastercard cards it is “SecureCode”. There are no additional charges to activate this system.

  • Can I use 3D Secure?

    All our merchants can benefit from the 3D Secure service by providing it as an option to their customers on the checkout page. iyzico requires the use of 3D Secure option for some of the business models it deems to be risky. Even though 3D Secure system is not a requirement, if you would like to use it, you can contact our team through the Contact Us section.

  • What is Card Storage?

    With the Card Storage feature, your customers don’t need to enter their card details for every transaction so that they complete their payments fast and easy. This will increase your revenue by decreasing the bounce back rate of the transactions from the shopping cart.

  • How can I benefit from Card Storage?

    To start using iyzico’s Card Storage Solution just pay 99 TL and you can activate this feature. To activate it just go to “Additions” section on the iyzico Control Panel.

  • What is BIN Check Solution?

    BIN (Bank Identification Number) is the first six numbers of a card eligible for payment (debit card, credit card or pre-paid card). With BIN Check, the bank of which the card belongs to can be checked and payments can be directed to the relevant bank’s virtual terminal. Thanks to the constantly updated BIN Checklist, the distinction between debit cards, credit cards or pre-paid cards are successfully made. With the updated data used for BIN Check, you can find out more about the cards of the users trying to make payments by using your service such as their cards’ banks and view the card type and the bank it belongs to on the payment form.

  • Who can benefit from BIN Check Solution?

    If you are looking to be preferred by having a smart, easy to understand and hassle-free payment transfer you can use iyzico’s BIN Check Solution. If you would like to take advantage of this solution, a representative of the firm needs to send us a message through Contact Us section describing the company and the business model. Following this, the relevant team will evaluate this request and inform the representative accordingly.

  • Can I purchase a payment infrastructure for my app?

    With iyzico In-app Payment Solution you can integrate iyzico to your mobile app quickly, securely and easily. If you would like to take advantage of this solution, a representative of the firm needs to send us a message through Contact Us section describing the company and the business model. Following this, the relevant team will evaluate this request and inform the representative accordingly.

  • What is Fraud Service Solution?

    Fraud is a term in e-commerce that expresses online purchases made by card theft. iyzico guarantees maximum level of security with its 150 check filters and fraud solution. With these filters, you can protect yourself and your customers from fraud in online transactions. You can get detailed information on this from the “Suspicious Transactions” section on your iyzico Control Panel.

  • What are Alternative Payment Methods and how do they work?

    You can offer Alternative Payment Methods to your customers who don’t have or don’t want to use debit or credit cards. These methods are classified under two headings as “E-Wallet” and “Online Bank Transfer in Real Time”.

    E-Wallet: This solution can be used by all merchants that support Qiwi E-wallet through pre-payments to e-wallets or by defining bank card details into the wallet without sharing of the card details.

    Online Bank Transfer in Real Time: This is a payment solution that allows all payments using iDEAL, Sofort Banking, and Giropay are easily and securely made through internet banking channels. With Online Bank Transfer in Real Time, you can carry out your payments by directly connecting to the relevant bank’s internet banking.

  • On which devices I can use iyzico services?

    You can use the iyzico services on your mobile phone, tablets, laptops and desktops with the following features. The minimum system requirements of your mobile phone to run iyzico app are the following:

    • iOS 9 and above
    • Android 5 and above

    To benefit from the iyzico Web Application, your tablet, laptop or desktop needs to have one of the browsers listed below:

    • Internet Explorer 11 and above
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Opera

  • Which products include Alternative Payment Methods?

    With iyzico’s online and marketplace ayment Solution, you can not only payments through Get Paid Online but also through Alternative Payment Methods.

    You can get payments from your end-users in Europe through alternative payment methods such as iDEAL, Sofort Banking, Giropay, and Qiwi.

    You can increase the volume of your sales abroad by integrating easy and fast local payment solutions to your online shop. Without having to tackle different integration processes for each different alternative payment method, you can start using the alternative payment method you would like to use right away with a single integration.

  • From which countries and in which currencies can I receive payments with Alternative Payment Methods?

    Sofort, Ideal, and Giropay uses Euros as the currency for transactions.

    Qiwi wallet is valid in payments in Euros, Dollars and Rubles.

    iDEAL: The Netherlands
    Sofort Banking: Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy
    Giropay: Germany
    Qiwi: Russia, Ukraine

  • What advantages do Alternative Payment Methods offer?

    With Alternative Payment Methods, you can quickly and securely reach to your customers abroad and support your customers local payment experience.

  • What should I do to use Alternative Payment Methods on my online shop?

    You can contact our Direct Sales/Operation team.

  • I would just like to integrate Alternative Payment Methods without using iyzico’s online payment method. Is it possible?

    To be able to offer payment with Alternative Payment Methods on your site, you need to be using iyzico’s payment solution for your online shop. However, there is no obligation to use

    You can only provide the alternative payment method you chose to your customers.

  • Can the transactions completed through Alternative Payment Methods be cancelled/refunded?

    You can cancel or refund the transactions completed through Alternative Payment Methods by using the iyzico Control Panel.

  • How reliable are the Alternative Payment Methods?

    There is no chargeback risk since your customers approve the payment with their passwords after logging into their own internet banking accounts.

  • What Alternative Payment Method is more suitable for my e-commerce site?

    We recommend you contact our Sales Team to provide you with the Alternative Payment Method that will suit you the best according to your needs.

  • Is 3DS used in Alternative Payment Methods?

    3DS is a protocol that was developed by Visa and MasterCard for card payments. 3DS is not used in Alternative Payment Methods.

  • Is instalment an option for payments made with Alternative Payment Methods?

    No, there are no instalment options for Alternative Payment Methods.

  • Which business models will be excluded from the scope of the Alternative Payment Methods?

    Product and service categories that you can view here will not be evaluated for Alternative Payment Methods.

  • What should I do to offer all foreign currencies in my online shop?

    You need to activate the Multicurrency service from the “Additions” section on your iyzico Control Panel. After this please follow the steps below;

    - API: For the payment form to be created in the relevant currency, you will need to enter currency code into the “currency” parameter.
    - Ready Made Infrastructure: You will need to contact your infrastructure provider and update them.
    - Open Source: You will only need to add the foreign currency to the admin panel of your website.

  • What is the advantage of selling in foreign and local currencies for me?

    - When customers see the product’s value in their own currency, rate of bouncing back from the shopping cart decreases and conversion rate will increase.
    - Amount in the foreign currency presented to the customer during transaction directly to the statement of the buyer and there are no surprises for buyers due to currency change.
    - When presented with the local currency, customer won’t need to deal with issues such as calculating the exchange rate.
    - You will be able to offer most frequently used foreign currencies to local markets at once.

  • Are there instalment options for payments made in foreign currencies?

    No, there are no instalment options for payments made in foreign currencies.

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