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  • Why should I offer iyzico Buyer Protection?

    iyzico Buyer Protection is a free service that allows our merchants to gain new customers, to increase their sales by 9%, to decrease their cancellation/refund rates by 5%, and to increase customer satisfaction.

  • How does Buyer Protection work?

    If your business model is eligible, iyzico Buyer Protection option will be added to your checkout page. Customers who would like to shop from your online shop may use this option free of charge if they wish to do so.

  • What is included in the iyzico Buyer Protection service?

    iyzico Buyer Protection support team provides 24/7 live chat service. We provide a communication channel between you and your customers and contact you for every question, problem or demand made by your customers.

    If you enable your shipment integration through the iyzico Control Panel or enter your orders’ shipping tracking numbers through the panel, it allows your customers to track their shipments live.

    Your customers can store their card details and shop with one-click on your online shop as well. This feature offers your customers a hassle-free, quick, easy and secure way to shop without the need to have their cards with them.

  • Is Buyer Protection a paid service

    No, it is completely free of charge.

  • Would Buyer Protection affect my blockage period?

    No, the period stated in your contact will be valid.

  • How does the free shipping integration work?

    If you work with MNG Cargo, you can take advantage of this free service through integration steps which you can easily and rapidly complete via the iyzico Control Panel.

  • Does iyzico send shipping information SMS or e-mails to my customers?

    iyzico does not send shipment information e-mails or SMS to your customers. Your customers can track their shipments through the iyzico application once you complete the shipment integration or entered the shipping tracking number manually.

  • How will my customers track their shipments?

    If you complete the shipment integration through iyzico or alternatively, entered the shipping tracking numbers manually, this will be visible to your customer as a “Where is my shipment?” button on the order detail page. By clicking on this button, your customer is directed to the relevant shipment company’s webpage and can view the shipment status live.

  • How does iyzico contact your customers when they shop under iyzico Buyer Protection?

    If your customers choose iyzico Buyer Protecton when they complete their payments, we send them an SMS and an e-mail titled “Your Payment Was Successful”. After 3 days, we contact them again to check if they are happy with their order with an email titled “Is everything OK with Your Order?”. We mainly inform your customers that they can receive 24/7 live support when they shop under iyzico Buyer Protection.

  • What is iyzico Buyer Protection Providing Shops page?

    On this page, our merchants that offer the best customer experience with iyzico Buyer Protection are listed.

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