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  • What are the documents required?

    During your application, you will need to upload the following documents on your online account. - List of authorized signatories,
    - Tax registration certificate,
    - Copies of IDs of company shareholders,
    - Bank account note issued to You / your company.

  • Can I use iyzico without a company owner?

    Everyone can use iyziLink, but iyziPOS and iyziBazaar can provide services to only company owners.

  • I own a private unlimited company, can I use iyzico?

    You can use iyzico, by submitting information and documents of your private unlimited company.

  • Why a bank account note is required?

    A bank account note listed among the required documents is to confirm that the bank account you defined on the platform is correct. Uploading a sample of a receipt for any transaction carried out on your account will suffice. The copy of your bank book is also acceptable instead of a receipt sample. On the sample you should be careful to ensure the holder of the back account and the IBAN account numbers are clearly visible.

  • Can I use iyzico through someone else's company information?

    To use iyzico services the name of the person or company on the tax registration certificate must match the holder of the bank account where the payments will be deposited to. If the name appearing on the information and the tax registration certificate does not match the payment can no be transferred to the bank account.