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  • I have been at the integration phase. How can I check the latest status?

    Operations at the integration phase are processed according to the dates and the integration teams complete the operations in accordance with this order.

    If your application has arrived the integration phase, you can be sure that your process is taken care of by the team. The team will inform you when the actions are completed. If you wish to receive information on the latest status of your application, you can send a message to the team.

  • I have completed the integration and testing without any problems. When will I start to receive payments live?

    After doing application from apply section of iyzico control panel, your account will be reviewed by iyzico team and online agreement will be send to yourself. After confirm this online agreement on iyzico control panel,you will be able to get live payments.

  • I am encountering other problems in the integration process. What should I do?

    You can send a message to the team using the using the Contact Us section, giving details of the problem you are having. The team will help you quickly.

  • Can I get phone support for integration process?

    "Simplicity" is one of the most important principles of iyzico. Committed to the simplicity principle, iyzico provides unhindered integration support to all enterprises to use the platform. If you're having problems at integration phase in the process, our team will gladly assist you. However, you are reminded that certain processes, particularly technical issues, are carried out through certain documents, follow up on processes are made in writing only. Therefore, contacting our team via written messages instead of phone calls in certain technical issues such as integration will ensure that the process is carried out easier and in a healthy fashion. We thank you for your understanding and your attention in this matter. Please Click Here to send a message to the integration team.