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  • What is the Link Solution?

    Link Solution enables individual or corporate sellers to take payments from anywhere regardless of the platforms they are using. You can share the product links you create through the iyzico Control Panel without needing a website or a technical development through SMS, the social media or marketplaces, thereby, take secure payments from anywhere in the world. If you would like to get more information on this method, please feel free to check out the link below.


  • How can I use the Link Solution?

    You can register from "Get Paid by Link" page and complete your application process by filling out the application form through the iyzico Control Panel. Following the approval of your application, you can take payments through sharing the product links to be created easily via your iyzico Control Panel on any platform you wish.

  • Can I take payments from abroad with the Link Solution?

    Yes, you can! Thanks to the Link Solution, you can take payments from anywhere in the world in different currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Sterling, Crone, Ruble and Franc.

  • Can I use the Link Solution individually even if I don’t have a company?

    You don’t need to have a company to get paid through the Link Solution. You can apply as an individual and start receiving payments from anywhere in the world right away.

  • Can I take payments with the Link Solution even if I don’t have a website?

    You can use the Link Solution without a website or technical development.

  • Will need any technical development after I complete my Link Solution application?

    You can create your product links and receive payments by logging into the iyzico Control Panel through our website or mobile app without needing any integration or technical developments.

  • Can I use the Link Solution on my smart phone?

    Via our mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android, you can check and manage all your transactions from your phone. If you wish, you can also carry out your transactions by logging on to our website on your smart phone.

  • Is 3DS used in the Link Solution?

    Yes, you can receive your payments securely by using the 3D Secure security system.

  • Can I make sales in instalments through the Link Solution?

    Individual users (who don’t have companies) or corporate users can get payments in instalments through the Link Solution. You will need to activate the “Sales in Instalments” feature of the link that you want to sell in instalments. Eligibility of products that are sold by link for sales in instalments is defined by legal regulations and thereby, even though you activate the “Sales in Instalments” feature, you might not sell your product in instalments in certain occasions. If your product is eligible for sale in instalments, the maximum number of instalments will be listed on the payment page for your buyers. You can view the instalment regulation for corporate merchants here, and for individual merchants here

  • Will there be any commission, setup charge, integration fee for those who sell by the Link Method?

    Our corporate users can get an offer starting from 3.99% commission rate and 0.25 Turkish Liras transaction fee. Our individual users who do not own a company are charged at starting from 4.19% commission rate and 0.25 Turkish Liras transaction fee.

  • When will the payments be transferred to me?

    All payments with regards to your sales transactions that took place between Monday to Sunday will be made into the accounts of our corporate users the following Wednesday.

    All payments will be made into the accounts of the individual users who don’t own a company, the first Wednesday seven days after sale is successfully completed.

    *In line with the contract terms, payments can vary according to the business model.

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