What is transaction fee and commission rate?

Commission rate applicable for successful transactions on your website is 2.65% and the transaction fee is 0.25 TL. BSMV (Bank Insurance Treatment Tax) is included in the pricing.

Is there an initial registration fee or periodic fees that I have to pay?

There is no initial registration fee or periodic fees you have to pay for using iyzico.

Will I be required to pay any fees except commissions and transaction fees?

For money transfers from the iyzico pool to your bank account defined on the platform a bank transfer fee TL 3.00 is applicable. This amount will be deducted from the amount to be transferred to your account. (Bank transfer fees do not vary according to the transaction amount.) In case a chargeback claim is filed by the bank against your company, TL 35.00 per case will be applied on your account. For more information chargeback please click on.

In addition, 18% VAT will be charged on top of the bank transfer fees, commission amounts, transaction fees and the chargeback amount (if applicable) stated above.

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