What is the iyziglobe product?

If you are doing e-commerce or planning to do it, you need infrastructure that supports additional currencies other than TL. With the iyziglobe product, you can sell your products or services in 15 different currencies. On top of the Virtual POS’ iyziglobe provides, it allows you to receive payments from abroad in different currencies with alternative payment methods as well.

Which currencies does the iyziglobe product support?

- American Dollars (USD),
- European Currency (EUR),
- British Pound (GBP),
- Russian Ruble (RUB),
- Australian Dollars (AUD),
- Danish Krone (DKK),
- Swedish Krone (SEK),
- Chinese Yuan (CNY),
- Swiss Frank (CHF),
- Japanese Yen (JPY),
- Canadian Dollars (CAD),
- Kuweit Dinar (KWD),
- Norwegian Krone (NOK),
- Saudi Arabia Rial (SAR),
- Iran Rial (IRR).

Does the iyziglobe product allow different payment options?

With the iyziglobe product, you can receive payment not only through Virtual POS but also through alternative payment methods.

It supports iDeal, Sofort Banking, Giropay and Qiwi alternative payment methods for end users in Turkey.

You can increase your export volume by integrating easy and local payment solutions to your e-shop. You can start using the alternative payment method of your preference with one integration procedure, without having to go through independent integration processes for each and every alternative payment method.

Is it possible to integrate the local Alternative Payment Method without getting the Virtual POS service from iyzico?

In order to use Alternative Payment Methods, you must sign the iyzico Virtual POS contract. However, you are not required to actively use Virtual POS. You can simply offer the alternative payment solution of your preference to your customers.

What are Alternative Payment Methods and how do they work?

You may offer Alternative Payment solutions to customers who do not hold debit or credit cards or do not wish to use them. These methods are divided into two: e-wallet and real-time online bank transfers.

E-wallet: You may make secure purchases at all businesses that support the Qiwi e-wallet by installing money on e-wallets like Qiwi or registering your debit card or bankcard, without being required to share card information.

Real-time online bank transfers: It allows you to easily and securely make payments by iDeal, Sofort Banking and Giropay through Internet banking channels. You can make your transactions in a fast and secure manner by directly connecting to the online branch of your bank without using your debit card or bank card.

From which countries and in which currencies can I receive payment using Alternative Payment Methods?

EUR is used for payments made by Sofort, Ideal and Giropay.

Qiwi wallet method is available for payments made in EUR, USD and Rubles.

Sofort Banking: Germany, France, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy.
Giropay: Germany.
Qiwi: Russia, Ukraine.

What are the advantages of Alternative Payment Methods?

You may extend customer ranges abroad in a faster and more secure way with Alternative Payment Methods that are prevalent and popular in local markets.

Is it possible to cancel or make returns for transactions made using Alternative Payment Methods?

You can cancel and make returns for transactions made using Alternative Payment Methods through your iyzico panel screen.

What should I do to use alternative payment methods in my online store?

Please contact our Direct Sales / Operation Team.

How safe are Alternative Payment Methods?

There is no Chargeback risk as customers approve payments with codes after logging on to their Internet banking accounts.

Which Alternative Payment Method is most convenient for my e-commerce website?

We recommend that you contact our Sales Team so they can offer you the most convenient Alternative Payment Methods to meet your needs.

Is the 3DS used with Alternative Payment Methods as well?

3DS is a protocol developed by Visa and MasterCard for payments made by card, it is not used with alternative payment methods.

Is there an installment option for transactions made using Alternative Payment Methods?


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