Terms of Application

Application Terms and Criteria

For your application to be finalized quickly and easily, please pay attention to the following points:

Make your website available.
Define your contact details, shopping cart, prices and details of products and services you offer for sale.
Your website must include the following: privacy policy, cancellation-return policy, distance sales contract, general transaction terms, venue of jurisdiction/arbitration, and delivery policy.
Your payment page must have a HTTPS/SSL certificate.
You must have the licenses and certificates issued by competent authorities as required by the activity in relation with the products you offer for sale.
Visa and Mastercard logos should be placed on your website.

The required documentation is as follows:

General information on your company
General information on the products you will sell
General information about your e-commerce website
Signature circular
Copy of Tax Certificate
Copies identification cards of company shareholders
Bank account statements in you and your company’s name

The websites falling into the categories listed below will not be taken into consideration for applications:

Websites with gambling content
Betting websites
Websites with political content
Websites selling counterfeit or fake products
Websites with violent content
Websites providing hosting services
Websites selling cigarettes or tobacco products
Websites selling alcohol drinkgs
Websites with sexual content
Services with erotic content
Products with pornographic content
Businesses providing consultancy services
Auction / Dutch auction websites
Sales of prescribed or over-the-counter drugs
Companies selling through call centers